Texas is unlike any other state when it comes to calculating its lien and notice periods.   Instead of a lien being due after a certain number of days or months, Texas uses somewhat cryptic language to define the lien period:  “on the 15th day of the month four/three months after the last month the claimant performs work.”


Well, to help you out, we’ve created some easy to read charts.   You can take one look at this chart and easily figure out when your lien should be filed. Check out the Texas Lien Deadline Chart here, or the Texas Two and Three Month Notice Deadline Chart here. These are housed in the Lien Law Summaries Section of zlien’s website.

But you don’t even have to go that far – you can see the charts right here on our blog:

Texas Mechanics Lien Deadline Chart

Work Last Performed In: Residential Liens Due:Non-Residential Liens Due:State Liens Due:
January April 14thMay 15thApril 14th
February May 15thJune 15thMay 15th
March June 15thJuly 14thJune 15th
April July 14thAugust 15thJuly 14th
May August 15thSeptember 15thAugust 15th
June September 15thOctober 13thSeptember 15th
July October 13thNovember 15thOctober 13th
August November 15thDecember 15thNovember 15th
September December 15thJanuary 12thDecember 15th
October January 12thFebruary 15thJanuary 12th
November February 15thMarch 15thFebruary 15th
December March 15thApril 13thMarch 15th

Texas Two and Three Month Notice Deadline Chart

Unpaid Work Performed In:2 Month Notice Due:3 Month Notice  Due:
JanuaryMarch 15thApril 15th
FebruaryApril 15thMay 15th
MarchMay 15thJune 15th
AprilJune 15thJuly 15th
MayJuly 15thAugust 15th
JuneAugust 15thSeptember 15th
JulySeptember 15thOctober 15th
AugustOctober 15thNovember 15th
SeptemberNovember 15thDecember 15th
OctoberDecember 15thJanuary 15th
NovemberJanuary 15thFebruary 15th
DecemberFebruary 15thMarch 15th

** Two Month Notice must only be delivered by lower tier subcontractors and suppliers (i.e. those who did not contract with the original contractor)* Original Contractors do not have notice requirements in Texas

*** If on a residential project, every deadline is one month earlier.

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