Getting Paid On Projects

Shouldn’t be the hardest part of construction.
With zlien, it doesn’t have to be.

Want to be first in line
for payment everytime?


Waiting on a payment
and need to file a lien?


Having trouble getting paid on construction projects?

It’s harder to get paid in the construction industry than in almost any other business. But you don’t have to accept the status quo. There are powerful, legal tools available - called Lien and Bond Rights - to help companies just like yours get paid the money that they’ve earned. Find out how these powerful legal tools can help your company.


Paid late a lot?

Getting paid late is almost as bad as not getting paid at all. Sending notices and managing lien rights can significantly speed up your payments. Lien rights management is about more than just filing liens. Rather, it’s a process, an industry-wide best practice that helps construction companies get paid, in full and on time. Find out how effectively using the entire lien rights process - especially sending notices - can help your company get paid faster.


Lien rights pro looking for an expert tool?

The best-run construction companies focus on what they do best, and leave the rest to other subs. Why wouldn’t you do the same thing with lien rights management? zlien is the best-in-class, comprehensive, lien rights management platform that works for every construction company, on any type of construction project, located in any state.


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