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Send & Receive Prelim Notices All In One Place

  • Be First In Line For Payment
  • Take Complex Paperwork Off Your Plate
  • Peace of Mind That You've Done It Right
  • Organize All Prelim Information In One Place


See Everyone On Your Job

  • Get the complete picture and fill in your blanks
  • Know everyone who needs to send you lien waivers
  • Access millions of property records to get ownership info
  • Get alerted about payment draws...and problems
  • Avoid expensive surprises

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Exchange & Automate Lien Waivers

  • Conditional & unconditional lien waivers connected to payments
  • Accurate, attorney-created forms everyone can trust
  • Automate workflows, and e-sign to save hours
  • Track all waivers & waiver requests in one place
  • Get out of Excel & Outlook

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Get Paid Without Lengthy Disputes

  • Notify all parties when a lien is getting filed for fast resolution
  • Get alerts when liens are about to get filed to avoid messy problems
  • Mechanics lien & bond claim process as easy as 1-2-3
  • Track all lien exposure and lien deadlines in one place

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Expertise & Help That Gives You Peace of Mind

  • Live Chat & Telephone Support
  • Forms Accepted in All 50 States
  • Forms Built By Construction Attorneys
  • Custom & Personalized Training
  • Proven Expertise & Industry Thought Leaders

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