Why zlien

We empower successful construction projects by getting the lien rights mess out of the way.

We make complex things easy.

Mechanics lien and bond claim rights are connected to every payment in construction - a $960 billion a year industry. By helping material suppliers, lenders, and everybody in between easily manage these rights, we strive to facilitate successful projects, smooth payments, and happy people.

Our mission is to enable all project stakeholders to protect their finances and succeed in their jobs, all without a drop of stress.


zlien By The Numbers

  • $250 Million

    Secured every month

  • 350,000

    Construction projects

  • 100,000

    Documents shipped

  • 16,500


  • 0.81Days

    Average time to send a notice.

  • 2.48Days

    Average time to file a lien.

Our Special Sauce

The Lien Genome™

4 out of 5 construction businesses believe that managing lien security and lien waivers is hard. It's no wonder, since lien laws around the United States demand more than 100,000 combinations of deadlines, documents, dates, and other requirements.

We’ve mapped this landscape of lien laws, calling it the Lien Genome. With a few basic pieces of project information, the Genome will instantly explain how to protect lien rights and exchange proper lien waivers.

Our goal isn’t to help you understand lien laws. With zlien, you’ll never think about lien laws again.

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