New Mexico Lien Forms

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File A Mechanics Lien

New Mexico Mechanics Lien Forms

New Mexico Mechanics Lien and Preliminary Notice forms available for free download in PDF format. All forms are made available by zlien subject to our terms of use.

New Mexico Claim of Lien

When unpaid on a construction project, parties who provided labor and/or materials to it may file a Claim of Lien in New Mexico.


New Mexico Mechanics Lien Release

Mechanics Liens can be released for a number of reasons, including that they have been paid and satisfied or expired.


New Mexico Preliminary Notice

On New Mexico State Construction Projects, claimants are not required to send any type of preliminary notice. However, as a precautionary measure and for ultimate preservation of bond rights on the project, claimants may be interested in sending a preliminary notice.


New Mexico Request for Information

Those who do not contract with the owner or original contractor on a non-residential project must deliver a preliminary notice within 60 days of first furnishing labor/materials to the project. This notice must contain certain information about the project that you may not know (i.e. legal description, name of bonding company, etc.) You can make a formal request for this information through a Request for Information. The owner / contractor must provide you this information within 5 days.