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File A Mechanics Lien

Georgia Mechanics Lien Forms

Georgia Mechanics Lien and Preliminary Notice forms available for free download in PDF format. All forms are made available by zlien subject to our terms of use.

Georgia Preliminary Notice

Any person having a right to a lien who does not contract directly with the owner or contractor is required to deliver a “Notice to Contractor” within 30 days from the filing of the Notice of Commencement or 30 days following the first delivery of labor, services, or materials to the property, whichever is later. Notice must be provided to the owner or the agent of the owner and to the contractor.


Georgia Notice of Intent to Lien

While typically not required in Georgia, a party may send any other party a “notice” that they intend to lien a project if payment is not received. This form advises the party that a lien will be filed if payment is not received within 10 days. The filing of this document does not “suspend” the liening period.


Georgia Mechanics Lien

The construction or mechanics lien, known in Georgia as a Claim of Lien, is filed on private construction jobs. Construction liens are available to parties who have performed labor or provided materials to a jobsite, and have not been paid.


Georgia Mechanics Lien Release

Private and Public construction liens and statements must be canceled once payment has been received, the lien expires or for any other reasons. Lien cancellations are certificates filed with the recorder to cancel the previously filed instruments.


Georgia Notice of Contest

After a construction lien is filed, an interested party may send a “Notice of Contest” to the claimant. This notice requires that the claimant move to enforce the lien within 60 days of the notice, or the lien will be canceled. This is in contrast to the usual 395 days usually available to claimants before the lien must be enforced by suit. The sending of this Notice of Contest essentially shortens the validity period of the lien.


Georgia Public Pre-Work Notice to Contractor

When working on a state, county, municipal, or other public non-federal construction project, contractors and suppliers can protect their rights to file a bond claim by delivering this Pre-Work Notice to Contractor.


Georgia Request for Bond from Public Agency

If you’re working or furnishing to a state, county, municipal, or other public non-federal construction project, any claims you make in the event of nonpayment will be made against the project’s payment bond. If you don’t know the maker of the payment bond (i.e. the bonding company), it’s very important to acquire that information. You are entitled to it by Georgia law. You can request it formally using this formal Request for Bond from Public Agency.


Georgia Public Notice to Contractor by Sub-Subs

Those who have not been paid on a state, county, municipal, or other public non-federal construction project, must file this “Public Notice to Contractor” to assert its public law claims and bond claims against the project.