Lien Rights Made Easy

Web software that makes notices, lien waivers,
& lien rights the easiest part of payment.

Send & file documents through our platform.

  • Preliminary Notices

    Preliminary notices can be complicated and an administrative nightmare. zlien makes preliminary notices easy. Send unlimited notices through our platform.

  • Notices Of Intent To Lien

    Are you tired of making ineffective phone calls and sending ineffective letters and emails? zlien's Notice of Intent to Lien documents are proven effective at getting your company paid.

  • Mechanics Lien

    Getting paid in the construction industry can be difficult, and in some situations, a mechanics lien filing can help. zlien makes filing liens easy.

  • Lien Waivers

    Signing, sending, collecting, and requesting lien waivers can be a pain, and small mistakes can be very costly. zlien makes everything about lien waivers easy.

Save time with fast &
easy lien rights management.

  • Calculate & Manage Deadlines

    Everything you need to do is as simple as a single click. No more resources, forms, & worry.

  • zlien Queue™

    The zlien Queue™ provides a prioritized list of actions, so you know where to focus your attention.

  • Automate Routine Actions

    Automate elements of your daily workflow that are taking up too much time.

  • Weekly Summary

    Don't spin your wheels every day. Get a summary each week, and take action.

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Always know it's done right

  • Track everything in real time

    Track every notice with delivery confirmations, and watch your graphical order status for waivers, liens, bond claims, and more.

  • The Lien Genome™

    The Lien Genome was built by expert construction attorneys and technologists to provide you information.

  • 24/7 Cloud access to everything

    Cloud-based platform means you have 24/7 SSL secure access to documents, mail records, delivery affidavits, and more.

  • JobSight™ - Your project's Data

    Knowing who is on your project is key. zlien's JobSight™ positions zlien subscribers with the data they need.

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Works the way you do

  • Filter, search, & see everything

    Find your projects, transactions, customers, and other data simply with powerful and intuitive search and filter functionality.

  • Customize with your preferences

    Multiple users with different authority, different lines of business rules, and rule differences by location. Customize everything.

  • Integrate with software you use

    Built-in integrations with popular software applications you already use, like Billtrust and Quickbooks Online.

  • Developer friendly

    Developers can connect to our powerful API to make data transmission easy, and to put the power of our platform into your ERP or software.

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Success Stories

From Satisfied Customers


MechanicsLienTestimonial-AS“We prepared our lien and sent a copy to the Owner of the project asking where we should send the Intent to Lien and before we knew it we had been contacted by our customer wanting to settle the account. Lien never had to be served.”


MechanicsLienTestimonial-AS“All of our big accounts receivable problems are from before we started using zlien. We wish we would have started sooner.”


MechanicsLienTestimonial-AS“After many attempts to personally collect from our client, we decided to place a Mechanics Lien on his property. We were amazed a the quick response from zlien and also the quick payment of the lien from our client.”


BondClaimTestimonial-M“You perform a valuable service for small businessmen like me. In addition though, you do it in a really caring and professional manner. I commend you and your team and, although I hope to never need you again in the future… you’ve earned a loyal customer!”