Developer Friendly

Makes it easy for anyone to empower lien rights management.

SOAP API connect directly to your
ERP for real-time information exchange.

You can integrate zlien's platform to any other software application through our SOAP API. The API integration supports real-time data exchanges between zlien and your software application, enabling your company to delivery project, account, and invoicing information to zlien, and for zlien to return project, account, and lien action information back to you.

Built-in integrations makes it easy
to manage lien rights.

Built-in integrations with popular software applications you already use, like Billtrust and Quickbooks Online. This makes it easy to sync account and project data, and manage lien rights with real-time information.

White label our solution to give your users powerful lien rights management.

If you're a software publisher, construction notice service company, collection agency, accountant, attorney, or other party - you already have enough to do. Let zlien make lien rights management the easiest part of your job. Our white labeling solution means you'll never have to worry about deadlines, forms, manual reviews, or other actions again. zlien will do it all for you.

I like the fact that they let me know if the names and addresses are not correct. My successful experience is when zlien corrects my information, so that I know the correct parties are being notified.  

- Becca -
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