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Travel Money Well Spent

This article was originally published on Credit Today Online, the premier online community for trade credit executives. To signup for their free e-newsletter, click here.

How do you keep up with constantly changing credit management technologies and procedures? Participating in Credit Today is an excellent start, but you should also be…

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Texas Subcontractor Risks In Focus at ENR Risks Summit

The 3rd annual ENR Construction Risk Summit is approaching, providing contractors, owners, sureties, attorneys, and other construction stakeholders a forum to discuss and debate industry risks. The event’s agenda promises to help all stakeholders better “manage costly risks to achieve project success.”

Catering to the summit’s 2015 locale being in Dallas,…

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What You Need To Track When Sending A Preliminary Notice

Thousands of times every day, contractors and suppliers prepare and send a “Notice to Owner” or “Preliminary Notice.”  Typically, a supplier or contractor will prepare and send the document in-house, or the company will rely upon a “notice service” or a SAAS technology product, like zlien, to transmit the document.

Regardless of how…

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Securing Your Debt: The Mechanics Lien

This post is the fifth in a six-post series detailing the steps to take to secure payment on virtually every project – virtually every time.

A recent article outlined a proven methodology, that when used correctly on every project, can secure all extensions of labor and/or materials on credit, and virtually eliminate bad…

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What To Do If The USPS Returns Your Preliminary Notice Mailing?

State requirements everywhere setting forth the preliminary notice and construction notice requirements leave a lot to be desired in addressing practical issues that arise when complying with the same. This is especially true with respect to the actual delivery of a notice.

It is common when sending mail that mail will…

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The Email Course That Empowers Construction Credit Professionals To Control Their Receivables

Do these excuses and frustrations sound familiar to you?

“Our contracts have slow payment provisions in them”
“Our customer is promising to pay next week”
“Cash is tight in this economy”
“I haven’t gotten a response to my email”

You are not alone, and you are not inventing the payment problem in the construction industry. Managing credit…

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