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Wisconsin Preliminary Notice: The Why, Who, What, When, and How

Wisconsin Preliminary Notice

Preliminary notices are the building blocks to the mechanics lien process. Subcontractors and suppliers (and sometimes general contractors and design professionals) must send notice to protect their ability to file a lien. General contractors, property owners, and lenders rely on notices to paint a picture of who is working on their projects. WHY send a Wisconsin preliminary […]

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Wisconsin Courts Remind Us That Organization Matters

How many times did your parents used to tell you to clean your room or make your bed and you just rolled your eyes? Such a simplistic act of organization seemed unnecessary and a waste of your time. Well, now we are older and time is money. Simple acts of organization in the construction industry […]

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Can You Waive Lien Rights Before Work? [50-State Map and Analysis]


Can You Waive Lien Rights Before Starting Work? Can you waive your right to file a mechanics lien or bond claim before you even begin working on a project?  Attempts to make subcontractors and suppliers waive lien rights at the start of a project — so called “No Lien Clauses” — are usually void and unenforceable. However, the law […]

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Wisconsin Mechanics Lien Law: Preliminary Notice and Notice of Intent to Lien

Every state has different mechanics lien laws and notice requirements for those filing a mechanics lien. Some states, like New York, have no notice requirements at all. Many states, including California and Arizona, have preliminary notices that are required to be delivered at the onset of a construction project. Other states, like Colorado and Pennsylvania, […]

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Wisconsin Mechanics Lien Law: 5 Things to Know

Filing a Wisconsin mechanics lien? No fear, look here for “5 things to know.” Project Participants have Wisconsin Mechanics Lien Rights Regardless of Tier Any party who furnishes labor or materials, in the erection, alteration, repair, or improvement of a building or structure has mechanics lien rights in Wisconsin. A party’s tier does not matter […]

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Wisconsin Is Serious About Lien Waivers

In previous blog posts we’ve discussed the importance of lien waivers. This is especially the case in Wisconsin, where the law is strictly construed against lien claimants. Those asked to sign lien waivers in this state, therefore, should do so with extreme caution. The Strict Treatment of Lien Waivers Is Spelled Out In Wisconsin’s Statutes […]

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FAQ: Are We Required To Deliver A Notice Of Intent To Lien Before Filing Our Lien?

Mechanics Lien Laws Can Confuse

Short Answer:  Only in the following states:  Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Louisiana, Missouri, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Wyoming. Long Answer:  It’s extremely common for folks to not quite understand the differences between preliminary notices and notices of intent to lien; and further, to not quite understand when a state requires notices of intent to be sent. […]

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Who Can File Construction Liens in Wisconsin?

When looking at mechanic lien laws across the country, one of the critical questions any potential lien claimant must ask themselves is this:   Do I have lien rights under the applicable state law? The answer, unfortunately, can sometimes be complex.  And yes, we’ve said it before and will say it again, these laws vary greatly […]

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