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Mechanic Lien Guest Article in Puget Sound Business Journal

Last week, the Puget Sound Business Journal (@PSBJ) published an article I wrote about mechanics lien laws in Washington state. Thanks to them for contacting me about the guest contribution and publishing the article. The article, titled “Mechanic’s liens gets a little easier (subscription required),” addressed the recent legal hurricane in Washington’s construction industry caused by […]

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Washington Supreme Court Adds Equity Exception to Attorney Fees Rule on Mechanic Lien Challenges

In my post from earlier this week, I suggested that the Washington Supreme Court’s Williams v. Athletics’ Field decision was a big deal with a number of consequences to mechanic lien laws in that state. We talked about the liberal v. strict construction of mechanic lien statutes in that article, but now I want to talk […]

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To Strictly Construe or Not Strictly Construe? Washington Supreme Court Clears The Air

When the Washington Supreme Court delivered its big mechanic’s lien opinion last week in Williams v. Athletics’ Field, I only had a few moments to report it here on the blog (Williams v. Athletics’ Field). However, this decision has significant consequences to mechanic lien jurisprudence in Washington state, and it deserves a blog post or […]

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Washington Supreme Court Reverses Controversial Williams v Athletic’s Field

Well, can I say that I saw it coming? Today, the Washington Supreme Court released its opinion on Williams v. Athletic’s Field, and reversed, making all lien claimants breathe a huge sigh of relief.    We’ve written a great number of posts on this interesting case in Washington state, and how much it means to […]

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Watch Supreme Court Oral Argument in Controversial Washington Mechanic’s Lien Case

If you keep up with construction industry news in Washington or are a reader of this blog, you’ve likely heard about the controversial Washington mechanics lien case climbing through the courts, Williams v. Athletics Field.  We’ve written about it there five or six times, explaining the history of the decision and how it could impact […]

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Bill Dies That Would Offset Controversial Williams v. Athletic Field Decision

The long and complicated road of the Williams v. Athletic Field decision continues to wind in Washington. Last month, a bill floating around the Washington legislature that would potentially offset the controversial Division II Court of Appeals decision died, as it failed to go up for vote before the session’s deadline. To catch you up […]

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Lien Bill Introduced in Washington Legislature To Offset Williams v Athletic Field

Williams v. Athletic’s Field took the Washington mechanic lien world by storm last year, when it declared a mechanic lien invalid even though the claimant used the specific form provided by the statute. We’ve written about this opinion at length on this blog, and noted that the decision is now being reviewed by the Washington […]

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Huge Washington Mechanic Lien Case Accepted by Supreme Court for Review

The appellate court decision in Williams v. Athletic Field, Inc. was the shot heard around the world for construction lawyers and the construction industry in Washington state. The court – three years after first deciding the case – revisited the decision and reversed itself, holding that the language acknowledging the lien claimant’s signature that is […]

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Changes to Lien Law Pending in New Jersey and Michigan Legislatures

Courts around the country are constantly construing the mechanic or construction lien laws, making compliance with these statutes sometimes feel like a moving target.    A recent case out of the Washington Court of Appeals confirms this theory, which overturned a previous decision three years after-the-fact, to completely change the way liens must be signed by […]

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Washington Appeals Case Confirms Lien Requirements Are Technical, But Fighting Liens Risky

Alan Middleton of the Washington Construction Law Blog published a pithy update to its site last week concerning mechanic liens in Washington State.   In “Battle of the Lien Forms:  Claims of Lien Must Strictly Comply with the Lien Statute,” Alan reports on a recent Division II appeal decision that “underscores the need…to comply with the […]

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