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US Lien Laws: The Definitive Word Count Rankings

Which States Have the Most Challenging Lien Law?

We all know lien law can be incredibly confusing. All 50 states have different rules and requirements for preliminary notices, notices of intent, mechanics liens, lien waivers, lien releases and more. These requirements are outlined by each state’s mechanics lien statute, but reading and understanding these statutes is no easy task, even for trained attorneys. Slogging through that complex […]

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zlien Webinar With Billtrust and ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas: Managing Lien Rights With Technology

zlien is pleased to announce an special upcoming webinar: “Using Technology to Manage Lien Rights” presented in conjunction with Billtrust and ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas. This webinar will examine the use of technology in managing lien and bond claim rights, with particular emphasis on how ThyssenKrupp reinvented its A/R by adopting zlien as a technology partner. The […]

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zlien Technology Platform vs. “Lien and Notice Service Providers”

The Construction Payment Blog has recently published several articles about the current and future state of technology as applied to, and as used by, the construction industry. One of the most important take-aways of many of those articles is that rather than something to be wary of, the adoption of new technology can be a […]

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Tech Platforms That Make a Credit Manager’s Life Easier

While a strong economy is good news for everyone, the path from a weak economy to a healthier one can be fraught with peril for parties in the construction industry. In fact, it has been shown that the failure rate for subcontractors is three times higher in a recovering economy than a recessed and stagnant economy. One […]

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Preliminary Notices: Do You Have Too Many Vendors?

Fragmented Lien Laws

The construction lien and preliminary notice laws are fragmented across the country, and it’s been this way for almost 200 years. Not only does this make it impossible for subcontractors and suppliers to understand exactly how they work, but in trying to comply with these regulations, companies have had to turn to an assortment of […]

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Hi, I’m Dave

Born and raised in Lake Charles, LA, I spent my formative years on the bayous and lakes of Southwest Louisiana. I was educated at Louisiana Tech University and the University of Connecticut and graduated with a BA in journalism from LA Tech in 2009. After graduating, I immediately went to work for the Boy Scouts […]

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Hi – I’m Sean

Who am I? It is safe to say I am the youngest member of zlien . Born and raised in New Orleans, I graduated from Country Day high school with a class of just 44. Deciding to pursue bigger things, I now attend college at the University of Georgia located in the eccentric city of […]

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Zlien Customer Experience: The Four Pillars

All of zlien’s business is conducted online or over the phone or chat.  We aim to engage in 2-way communication with our clients and serve them through the Four Pillars of the zlien  Customer Experience. Easy & Innovative Ordering with zlien should be easy, and if a client finds it difficult, we aim to make […]

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