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6 Days to Becoming a zlien Pro – Day 3: Entering A Project Into The Lien Pilot

Now that you have a basic understanding of mechanics liens and the lien policy that makes them effective, let’s talk about making your lien policy work. When you sign up for a free account with zlien, you gain access to its lien management software,  the Lien Pilot. With the Lien Pilot you can enter projects, […]

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6 Days to Becoming a zlien Pro – Day 2: Setting Up Your Collections Funnel

In yesterday’s lesson, you learned what a lien is and how it works, right?  Today, we are going to discuss how to create your company’s own lien policy that should work for projects in every state, every time. Why make my your own lien policy? Cash is the lifeblood of every business, and the best […]

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Zlien Customer Experience: The Four Pillars

All of zlien’s business is conducted online or over the phone or chat.  We aim to engage in 2-way communication with our clients and serve them through the Four Pillars of the zlien Customer Experience. Easy & Innovative Ordering with zlien should be easy, and if a client finds it difficult, we aim to make it […]

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Lien Deadline Calculator: Why Dates Are Important

    Have you ever seen this tiny little image next to a project in your LienPilot, the dashboard for Zlien users? It might be the most important feature on your LienPilot, and here’s why: Lien Pilot due dates help you stay compliant When you enter a new project into your LienPilot, our system asks […]

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Martin Roth New Orleans

Hi, I’m Martin

  Who am I? One of the newest, freshest members of team Zlien. Born a New Orleanian. Sports Fan. LSU Tiger. Creator. Food enthusiast. I am the youngest of seven children and I like great food, good fun, and bad dance moves. I like to talk.  Call me: 866-720-5436, x703 What did I do before Zlien? […]

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Credit Management: How Zlien Fits Into Your Company Credit Policy

Before Zlien the construction industry was divided into two camps, 1) those who paid lots of legal bills to keep debt secured and accounts receivables low and 2) those who ventured to take on this arduous task alone. When you look at the bottom line for a construction industry company in either camp, it’s almost […]

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Looking for Legal Advice In Order To Get Paid?

Have you been in the position of not getting paid?  If so, you might have looked deeper into mechanics liens and realized all the complex ins-and-outs of lien filing.  Not only do liens create leverage on the job but a lien must also meet many requirements in order to be deemed “valid.”  The validity is […]

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Long Live The Lien

Most people don’t know what the word “lien” means, much less how to spell it or even say it! It is a four letter word and can pack a mighty punch if used properly. It is a word that has a stigma on it of negativity in the construction world. I think this has evolved […]

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Mechanics Liens: Feeling Rejected?

When you order a mechanic’s lien or bond claim from Zlien, all of your work is done for you- our system prepares the form, we sign it as your agent, and we coordinate with the county to have the document filed and served. It is our pleasure to make the tedious and expensive task easy, […]

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The Z Team: Zlien 2012 Photo Album

At Zlien, we do serious business, but we don’t like to take ourselves too seriously.  Some say “A picture is worth 1000 words.”  If that’s the case, please enjoy my 23,000 word blog post.  Check out our best moments captured on photo in 2012:      

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You Won’t Get A Rate Increase Notice From Zlien

Jennifer Smith (@SmithJenBK) posts on the Wall Street Journal Law Blog that the holiday season is “that joyful time when law firms are hustling to collect long-due bills, canoodling with clients under holiday party mistletoe, or perhaps sending off ill-timed rate increase letters.” This phenomena is not limited to law firms. We recently got two or three rate […]

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