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Superbowl Turf Mechanics Lien Teaches Contractors Lessons

Super Bowl Turf Installers Filed A Mechanics Lien: 3 Things This Teaches Contractors Everywhere

Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson are just hours away (It starts at 5:30pm CT, on Fox) from their battle to hoist the Lombardi trophy, but a battle between Taylor Turf Installation, Inc. and the operators of MetLife Stadium has been on-going for months, as the stadium’s turf installers claim they are owed more than $292,000 […]

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6 Days to Mastering Mechanics Liens – Day 1: Understanding the Basics

Day One: Understanding the Mechanics Lien Lifecycle Whether you are a mechanics lien veteran, or just getting started, navigating lien laws across the country can be a mess. Having a general knowledge of mechanics lien basics – what liens are, why they exist, and how they work — provides a strong foundation to mastering mechanics liens, […]

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Mechanics Liens: 3 Reasons Why Roofing Contractors Should File

  Roofing Contractors Are Unique Roofing contractors are a rare breed in the construction industry.  Unlike conventional general contractors, roofing contractors have very high volume, work mostly on residential projects, and almost always deal directly with the homeowners. These characterstics create a “perfect storm” that makes it quite difficult to collect on invoices. Often times, […]

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mechanics lien helps you avoid litigation

Mechanics Lien: Why Filing A Lien Will Help You Avoid Litigation

CFMA CEO Stuart Binstock, a lawyer, opened the May/June 2013 issue of the organization’s Building Profits magazine with a message about minimizing legal risk. He quoting French Philospher Voltaire as saying that “he had two terrible experiences in his life – once when he lost a lawsuit and once when he won a lawsuit.” Litigation […]

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Encumbering Valuable Property: Another Great Reason to Lien

One of the best articles we’ve ever published, and one I constantly refer to, is “17 Ways a Mechanics Lien Works To Get You Paid.”  Reason number one on that list is “A Mechanics Lien Encumbers the Property.”  I recently came across a real-life story demonstrating the power of liens, and I wanted to share it. […]

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Causing Bad PR: Another Great Reason to Lien

How would you feel if one day you woke up to find that you and your property were the focus of a targeted investigation conducted by your local news channel, causing bad PR for your business?  Believe it or not, filing a notice of a mechanics lien in a state like West Virginia can do […]

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HOA And Condo Liens: Kill Property Sales And Get Paid By Filing A Claim

Take it from the industry that is in charge of closing sales and getting properties transferred – filing a lien can kill the deal.  When you’re the one not paid, this is the exactly the effect you desire. The below embedded article from AGBeat is a great reminder to condominium and homeowner associations about the power of the Condo […]

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Mechanics Lien Claims Can Cause Problems With Short Sales

People commonly inquire about how a mechanics lien actually works. They have heard about mechanics lien claims and know a little bit of information about it, but they wonder just how it technically performs.  How, for instance, does it actually stop a property from being sold? This article from AGBeat is pretty interesting because it […]

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Is “Lien” A Four Letter Word On Construction Projects?

Last week, ENR.com published an article about legal problems mounting for The Aspire Group of Ohio, a prime contractor selected to head a $12.5 million renovation project at the Dayton VA Medical Center. The prime contractor is having serious legal problems, accused of not paying subcontractors and even for bribing a federal official. Some subcontractors on the project were stiffed […]

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Mechanics Lien Claims: Do They Work? How?

It’s common for someone to ask us about the effectiveness of a mechanics lien filing. Of course, we’re big believers in the power of liens, and we’ve written about it exhaustively on this blog.  Check out the “Why Lien” tag, which is a collection of articles about why the mechanics lien process works to get […]

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File A Lien Online: The Smart Way To Get Paid

You’re unpaid on a construction project and you’re thinking about filing a mechanics lien.  What should you do?  Will a lien get you paid?  Is there a way to file a lien online?  Must you hire an attorney?  Let’s put these questions to bed. You Can File Your Mechanics Lien Online Zlien allows contractors, material […]

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