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Washington mechanics lien treatise is good

Review of New Washington Lien Law Treatise: A Great In Depth Resource For Attorneys Or Anyone Who Wants To Know Too Much About Lien Laws

Early this week, Stoel Rives, LLP (@stoelrives), the publisher of the construction law blog Ahead of Schedule, announced the publication of a “Washington state lien law treatise.” I’ve downloaded and read this treatise, and as further explored in this post, highly recommend it as a comprehensive reference book for Washington attorneys, or anyone (please, let […]

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Mechanics Lien Rights And Unjust Enrichment Claims Cross Paths In Recent Washington Case

Construction projects notoriously involve multiple parties.  The lender is lending money to the property owner, who hires a general contractor, who hires subcontractors, who in-turn hire sub-subcontractors and suppliers. The contracting chain can go on-and-on for seemingly forever. While all parties to a project are interconnected by the project’s budget, schedule, payment processing procedure, and […]

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Washington Mechanics Lien Deadline: Can You Change Them By Contract?

Mechanics lien deadlines are established by statutes. Sometimes, as is the case in California and Texas, the right to file a mechanics lien claim is embedded in the state’s constitution. In other states it is a strong public policy that forbids parties from waiving the rights or forcing a party to give them up (see […]

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Washington Mechanics Lien Law: 5 Things to Know

Ready to file a mechanics lien in Washington state but not sure where to start? Look no further than Zlien’s “5 thing’s to know” about mechanics lien law below. Suppliers to Suppliers Are Not Entitled to Mechanics Lien Rights in Washington Washington state allows any project participant that has provided professional services, materials, labor and […]

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Washington Preliminary Notices, What A Good Notice State

Here at zlien we send notices every day. I often write about how important notices are. Another aspect of my job is to review the numbers. This blog has often stated California is the state where zlien sends the most notices. Upon review of the numbers, I was a little surprised to note that Washington […]

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Mechanics Lien Costs within Washington Mechanics Liens

Washington Preliminary Notices: The Difference Between Public and Private Projects

While working on a construction project, you may need to send a preliminary notice to preserve your mechanics lien rights. The first step to sending the preliminary notice is making the determination of whether the project is a private project (e.g. commercial, residential), a public project (state, county, or city funded), or a federal project. […]

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Lien Law Alert: Washington Bond Law to Change in 2016

The Lien Blog Provides Alerts to Upcoming Lien and Bond Law Changes The lien blog is a great place to learn about upcoming lien and bond law changes throughout the nation, and to figure out what effect these changes will have.  Here is a general link to updates on the changing face of construction lien/bond […]

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Who Gets Preliminary Notice When Working on A Condominium Complex in Washington?

Over the weekend, a reader sent in an interesting question about Washington’s preliminary notice requirements. The question relates to construction work and materials furnished to a condominium complex, specifically inquiring as to who must receive the preliminary notice on such projects? Condominium construction projects presents complex legal issues in the mechanics lien context because property […]

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The Vast Differences Between Washington and Oregon Bond Claims

Oregon and Washington share a border, and as an attorney practicing in both states, I can attest that they share a lot of business as well. It’s quite common for contractors and suppliers to work across those state lines, with Washington folks frequently furnishing to areas like Portland, Oregon, and Oregon folks frequently furnishing to […]

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Scenario: Can Mechanics Lien Be Filed For Work On Puget Sound Ferris Wheel?

I love Seattle in the summer, and personally spend a lot of time in the city during the summer months (of course, who wouldn’t want to get out of the New Orleans heat!).  I am in Seattle today, and was surprised to see construction finishing up on a huge ferris wheel at the waterfront (photo […]

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You Don’t Need Preliminary Notice in Washington For Labor Portion Of Work

On private projects in Washington state, all material suppliers and most subcontractors must deliver a preliminary notice within 60 days of first furnishing labor or materials to a construction project. Failing to send this preliminary notice will result in the loss of mechanics lien rights. This preliminary notice requirement is pretty well known in Washington, […]

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