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Washington Notice to Owner: The Why, Who, What, When, and How

WHY send a Notice to Owner? To protect your mechanics lien rights! Washington has nuanced rules and requirements regarding the sending of preliminary notices. Most parties on private construction projects are required to submit a Notice to Owner in order to protect their mechanics lien rights. WHO must send a Washington Notice to Owner? And to […]

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How To Send A Notice To Owner – Certified Mail, or Certified Mail Return Receipt?

How to Actually Mail A Notice to Owner

Sending a Notice to Owner is a complicated affair. The document has a lot of criteria, such that contractors and suppliers must, within a certain period of time, make certain that they are sending the correct form with the required information to the appropriate recipients. Importantly, however, a notice to owner must be mailed in a certain way. If a mechanics […]

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Review of New Washington Lien Law Treatise: A Great In Depth Resource For Attorneys Or Anyone Who Wants To Know Too Much About Lien Laws

How to File A Mechanics Lien

Early this week, Stoel Rives, LLP (@stoelrives), the publisher of the construction law blog Ahead of Schedule, announced the publication of a “Washington state lien law treatise.” I’ve downloaded and read this treatise, and as further explored in this post, highly recommend it as a comprehensive reference book for Washington attorneys, or anyone (please, let […]

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Mechanics Lien Rights And Unjust Enrichment Claims Cross Paths In Recent Washington Case

Deceptive Attempts to Circumvent Liens by Subs

Construction projects notoriously involve multiple parties.  The lender is lending money to the property owner, who hires a general contractor, who hires subcontractors, who in-turn hire sub-subcontractors and suppliers. The contracting chain can go on-and-on for seemingly forever. While all parties to a project are interconnected by the project’s budget, schedule, payment processing procedure, and […]

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Washington Mechanics Lien Law: 5 Things to Know

Ready to file a mechanics lien in Washington state but not sure where to start? Look no further than zlien’s “5 thing’s to know” about mechanics lien law below. Suppliers to Suppliers Are Not Entitled to Mechanics Lien Rights in Washington Washington state allows any project participant that has provided professional services, materials, labor and […]

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Washington Preliminary Notices, What A Good Notice State

construction notices mailing

Here at zlien we send notices every day. I often write about how important notices are. Another aspect of my job is to review the numbers. This blog has often stated California is the state where zlien sends the most notices. Upon review of the numbers, I was a little surprised to note that Washington […]

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