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Video: How Much A Non-Paying Customer Costs You

How much is bad debt costing your business?  That’s the question asked at the start of this short video, which not only demonstrates the toxic nature of bad debt, but also explains the solution: mechanics lien laws.

Bad debt is a challenge in the building materials supply and construction industries. Take…

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Mechanics Liens: What Is A Mechanics Lien?

We’ve talked about the mechanics lien document for years here on the Construction Payment Blog.  Check out the tag “Mechanics Lien,” or check out our post by the same name from last year: What Is A Mechanics Lien?

The definition of a mechanics lien is simple.  Hell, just go to…

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Zlien Is The Leader In Liens – Search On.

File A Lien. Get Paid. from Zlien on Vimeo.

How do you get paid on a construction project?  What is a mechanics lien?  How do you file a mechanics lien?  Can you get a mechanics lien filed electronically?  Can you file a mechanics lien today?

You can search the Internet all you…

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Mechanics Liens: How It Filing Works With Zlien

You want to file a mechanics lien or construction lien online, but you’re just not sure how the process works or whether zlien is the right company to help.  Here are some common inquiries about our service:

What exactly happens after you place the order with zlien…

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Mechanics Lien Zen: Introducing The New LienPilot

Accounts receivable and credit management is a challenge to anyone in the construction industry, which boasts the highest debt ratios in the nation. While the mechanics lien remedy exists in every state as a possible solution to these ARM problems, compliance with these regulations is a tall order.

zlien …

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Why Zlien Can Be Trusted With Your Mechanics Lien Compliance

There’s not really a contest -zlien is hands-down the nation’s leading mechanics lien compliance and filing service. Part of what separates our company from the competition is our sophistication, with a proprietary web application powering our frontend LienPilot for clients to manage filings and deadlines, and the backend system ensuring each…

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