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What If State Law Conflicts With Provisions Of The Construction Bond?

We frequently discuss bond claims on this blog, as this is the mechanics lien remedy available to contractors and suppliers on state and federal projects. When working on a project owned by or controlled by the government, those unpaid for services rendered are able to file a claim against a payment bond, as opposed to […]

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Knowing A Project’s Final Settlement Date Is Key For State Bond Claim Deadlines

One frustrating thing about the mechanic’s lien and payment bond claim laws across the nation is that they are all different. In particular, the lien claimant’s deadline to file a mechanic’s lien or payment bond claim varies state-to-state. Since this post is part of our State Bond Claim Blog Series, it will focus on claim […]

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Are Bond Claims Actually Filed With The Recorder or Clerk of Court?

Since so many in the construction industry confuse mechanic lien rights on private projects with bond claim rights on state, county or federal projects, there is a common misconception that bond claims are filed in the county recorder or clerk’s office similar to a mechanic’s lien claim.  In general, this is not the case. Generally […]

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Tip: Send Your Bond Claim To The Surety To Ensure Maximum Attention

When filing a bond claim, most state laws only require the claimant to file their notice of claim with the prime contractor and/or the public entity commissioning work. It’s then the responsibility of those parties to report the claim to the bonding company. One reason for this is simply because the claimant may not know […]

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What Is A Payment Bond?

A good place to start with these basic questions is with a basic definition, and I’ve found a good one on Wikipedia: A payment bond is a surety bond posted by a contractor to guaranty that his subcontractors and material suppliers on the project will be paid. Payment Bonds on State, County or Federal Projects […]

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How Lien and Bond Claims Against State Projects Work

If you’re unpaid on a private (commercial, industrial, residential) construction project, you have the right to file a mechanics lien against the property itself to collect the debt. When working on property owned by the state, this exact remedy isn’t available, mostly because the state government isn’t going to allow anyone to foreclose on its […]

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When Is A Project Considered A State Project?

Publishing a blog series about security and lien rights on state construction projects is terrific, but it means nothing to a construction or supply business if they’re not actually working on a state project. Thus, the question must be answered: What exactly is a state project? Are You Working On A State Construction Project? Over […]

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Blog Series on State and County Projects Bond Claim Remedies

We published a blog series on mechanic lien laws for the material supplier in January, and are following it up this month with a new focus: state and county construction projects or public works. Regardless of whether work is being performed on a private, state or federal project, folks in the construction industry commonly believe […]

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