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How to Serve a Mechanics Lien in Person

Serving a mechanics lien, or providing a copy of the lien to interested parties, ensures that they receive notice and can promptly recognize and pay your claim. In most states, mechanics liens lien may be served through the mail, usually by sending it via certified mail – sometimes with return receipt requested….

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South Carolina Notice of Furnishing Clarified

South Carolina requires that parties on a construction project with no direct contract with the property owner deliver a Notice of Furnishing to the property owner and general contractor prior to filing a valid mechanics lien in the event of nonpayment. While the only specific deadline to deliver this notice…

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South Carolina Notice Requirements Clarified by SC Supreme Court

Mechanics liens are creations of statute. This means that a potential lien claimant may only acquire, perfect, and enforce a mechanics lien as specifically set forth by the statutes that created it. South Carolina is no exception to this rule, South Carolina Code § 29-5-10 et seq., sets forth the particular…

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South Carolina Mechanics Lien Law: 5 Things to Know

Cooper River Bridge in South Carolina

Looking to file a mechanics lien in South Carolina? Let zlien help with the “5 things to know” below!
Licensed Contractors Have the Right to Lien
In South Carolina, any project participant that contributes labor or supplies to the erection, alteration…

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Payment Bond: South Carolina Supreme Courts Rules on New Case

Construction Payment Blog is not just focused on mechanics liens; another topic we routinely cover is payment bonds. As we’ve discussed in many other posts, general contractors on public works projects are generally required to secure a bond on the project to ensure payment of subs – and not at the expense of public…

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