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Kentucky Mechanics Lien Law: Appeals Court Clarifies Service Requirements

Many state courts are notorious for enforcing state mechanics lien and contractual law extremely strictly; failure to comply with every single detail set forth in the law means that a lien will be declared invalid or a suit to foreclose on a lien will be dismissed.  But must every part of a lawsuit to foreclose on […]

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California Mechanics Lien: New Service Requirement Explained

The California mechanics lien law has always required claimants to deliver a copy of any filed liens to the property owner. Prior to the recent 2012 amendments, however, there was very little detail about how and when to do this. California’s recent mechanics lien law changes is now pretty specific on these points, but it […]

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New Service Requirements for North Carolina Liens

With the changes of HB 1052 set to go into effect on January 1, 2013, lien claimants in North Carolina must start to get familiar with the new requirements imposed upon them.  The first revision to the law that we will look at here details the parties required to be served with a copy of […]

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Guide To Serving Your New York Mechanics Lien

New York’s Construction Lien  § 11 requires mechanics lien claimants serve a copy of the mechanics lien upon the property owner within “five days before or thirty days after” filing.  This post will guide you on the acceptable ways to serve a New York mechanics lien and the often overlooked requirement of filing your affidavit […]

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Pennsylvania’s Mechanics Lien Law Has Flaws With Its Service Requirements

Yesterday, inspired by an article from Jerry Geiger about common missteps claimants make when filing a Pennsylvania mechanics lien, I published a post examining the state’s service requirements in “Service Mistakes Are Common When Filing A Pennsylvania Mechanics Lien.“ That post examined the service requirements within Pennsylvania’s mechanics lien law, which frequently requires service upon the property owner be […]

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Service Mistakes Are Common When Filing A Pennsylvania Mechanics Lien

Jerry Geiger at Newman Williams published a blog last week titled “Pennsylvania Mechanic’s Lien Missteps.”  The article focused on a common mistake made by lien claimants in Pennsylvania; best summarized by Geiger with this sentence: In each case [that Geiger handled to remove invalid mechanic liens in Pennsylvania] …the claimant assumed the affidavit of service […]

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3 Ways To Get Burned Filing Your Own Mechanics Lien

No one goes to medical school to learn how to file a mechanic’s lien.  It isn’t brain surgery. Claimants must be careful, however, because mechanic lien laws are hyper-technical and there are many traps for the inexperienced and the do-it-yourselfers. In fact, as an example of one of these traps, we previously wrote a post […]

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The Importance of Service When Filing A Mechanics Lien in West Virginia

In almost every state, the lien claimant must “serve” a copy of the mechanics lien upon the property owner before, simultaneously or immediately after filing.  The rules on this vary, and it’s not required in every state.  On most occasions, however, the claimant can accomplish service by sending a copy of the mechanics lien by […]

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Myths and Facts of Properly Serving a Mechanics Lien in South Carolina

Special thanks to Jeff Bannister of Serve-One Inc. Process Serving in Greenville, SC, who contributes this guest post to the Construction Lien Blog.  Jeff Bannister is the owner of Serve-One Inc. Processing Serving.   Serve One Attorney Services is the largest process serving company in SC.  Jeff is a Desert Storm Veteran and former State […]

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