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Mechanics Liens: The Basics of School Construction Projects

New construction of schools, and construction to maintain existing schools, appear to always be happening. Before working on a school construction project, its best to know the basics about it, such as whether it is a public or private school and who is the owner of either the land or the project. The Importance of […]

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Lien and Notice Research: Road Construction Projects

When performing work on a public road construction project and you want to send a preliminary notice to the “owner” of the project, who should receive this notice? The answer to this question is the public entity that is issuing the road construction work. For subcontractors or suppliers on a road project, it can sometimes […]

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Two Options to Get Paid on New Jersey Public Projects

When a party is unpaid on a public project, the general route to recovery is through filing a bond claim.  Governmental and public entities generally cannot be liened, so security for parties who furnished labor and/or materials to the project is not tied to the land or improvement itself, but rather, to a payment bond […]

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Ohio Mechanics Lien Claimant Gets Paid After 12 Years of Waiting

After 12 long years of waiting – and I mean waiting – Akron Concrete Company of Ohio appears to be getting paid on a mechanics lien claim it was forced to file on a $124,000 debt, as the Ohio Appeals Court in Akron Concrete Company v. Board of Education for Medina School District affirmed a trial […]

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Florida Bond Claims: How To Lien A State Or City Project

Before jumping into the specifics on how public bond claims or “liens” work in the State of Florida, it’s important to point out the differences between private liens and state liens. I’ve written a few blog posts comparing these remedies, and here are some helpful links: Is My Project Private, Federal, State…Or Something Different? The […]

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Got a Public Contract?: Be Sure to Preserve Your Rights to Payment

Over the past two years, the construction industry has seen a boom in public works. This is due to lower construction costs, influx of federal stimulus funds and lower financing rates for local governments. The result has meant tons of public work for contractors, who benefit both from Davis-Bacon wages and bonded work, which virtually […]

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California Freezes Funds for Public Projects

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that with the state nearly broke, California has frozen nearly $4 billion worth of loans for public building projects.    The unprecedented move is expected to halt construction all over the state – and inevitably, leave contractors, subcontractors and suppliers bickering with one another about outstanding payments and work. With an […]

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Filing Your Public Works Lien!

As a contractor, you will inevitably walk down both the private and public path to jobs. Most contractors will generally become involved in privately-funded projects, such as commercial malls, stores, and offices, and residential condominiums, apartments and homes. But there are a select few of you who will lock down that all important public bid […]

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