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Mechanics Liens: Can You File A Mechanics Lien Foreclosure Lawsuit Without An Attorney?

If unpaid on a construction project filing a mechanics lien is a best-practice, as mechanic liens are usually successful at getting construction debts paid. In fact, based on a survey we conducted last year, over 64% of mechanic liens are paid within just 90 days of filing without any further legal or collection action whatsoever. […]

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Filing A Mechanics Lien In The Aloha State

I’m sorry to report this to all the folks out there on the mainland who will become jealous after reading the next part of this sentence, but I’m in Hawai’i.   Life on the islands is relaxing and it’s hard to imagine how anything can be adversarial out here. Alas, construction disputes do arise and […]

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Is Pro Bono Really The Answer To The Legal System’s Problems?

The Associated Press published a story this weekend titled “Lawyers across US urged to give more free services,” and a read-through inspired me to write this blog. Solving the huge gap between legal services offered (by lawyers) and legal services needed (by the public) is of particular interest to me and Zlien, as Zlien offers […]

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Who Is Filing Your Lien? Zlien is Licensed, Bonded, Insured and Experienced

The New York Times recently published an article titled “In a Downturn, More Act as Their Own Lawyers.”   The article, of course, discusses how courts across the country are seeing a rise in “pro se” litigants in connection with the troubling economy. The rise in pro se litigation is just a slice of the full […]

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