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Lien Law: How Do You Lien NASA?

I had a client call in today, who was wondering how he can file a lien on a project he is working on. This is a very normal call for us here at zlien, but the interested part of this request is that the client worked on a job located in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Everyone […]

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Mechanics Liens: Researching Church Construction Projects

Determining whether a construction project is a privately owned project or a public project is essential to preserving your  mechanics lien or bond claim rights. Private construction projects and public construction have different documents that need to be filed if you are unpaid. Private projects require the mechanics lien to be filed, while public projects […]

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Mechanics Liens: Mechanics Lien Against Habitat For Humanity And Non-Profit Projects?

Last week, someone in Oregon posted a question on inquiring whether a mechanics lien can be filed against a non-profit project – specifically a Habitat for Humanity project. This is a frequently asked question because the non-profit nature of these projects can create confusion.  What type of project is it?  Can you lien an […]

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Mechanics Liens: Types of Construction Projects – What Are They And Why You Should Care

What type of construction project are you working on? This is an important question for your mechanics lien and bond claim rights. In fact, if you use Zlien to manage your lien and bond claim compliance, it’s an essential question that is asked of you every time you enter a new project.  What type of […]

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Mechanics Liens: Can You File A Mechanics Lien Against A Non-Profit?

Short Answer:  Yes Long Answer:  People get confused when working with churches, charities and other non-profit organizations. Since these entities are not organized to make a profit and operate like a business, and generally serves the public good, people wonder whether the entity is protected against mechanics lien filings.  The answer is simply no.  These […]

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Mechanics Lien Or Bond Rights When Working On University Construction Project

Last week I wrote an article about how the “Miller Act Applies When Doing Work In The Nation’s Attic,” referring of course to the Smithsonian Institute. The point behind the article was that while some construction projects are clearly state, federal or private, the waters are muddy in other instances. One such instance was with the construction […]

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Miller Act May Apply to Federal Property Leased To Private Parties

The concept of government property leased to a private entity has gotten a lot of press lately, and a lot of discussion on this blog. One may think the situation only rarely arises when a lien claim is sought against a project that is privately commissioned, but is performed on public land leased to a […]

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You Don’t Need Preliminary Notice in Washington For Labor Portion Of Work

On private projects in Washington state, all material suppliers and most subcontractors must deliver a preliminary notice within 60 days of first furnishing labor or materials to a construction project. Failing to send this preliminary notice will result in the loss of mechanics lien rights. This preliminary notice requirement is pretty well known in Washington, […]

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Oklahoma’s Little Miller Act Now Applies To Private Construction on Public Land

Today, the Oklahoma governor signed Senate Bill 1053 (SB 1053) into law, which enacts a tiny change to Oklahoma’s Little Miller Act that can make a significant difference to the state’s bond claim laws. The change effectively makes the state’s Little Miller Act (governing bond claims against state projects) applicable to private construction projects whenever they […]

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The Difference Between Public and Private Projects

When it comes to filing mechanics liens and collecting money owed to your company, there is a world of difference between private and public construction projects.   And it’s very important to know the difference between the two. Why Does The Type of Construction Project Matter? Before explaining what distinguishes these projects from one another, […]

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