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Construction Payment Glossary

Construction Finance Glossary

Originally published 12/10/14. Updated 2/2/15

There are plenty of documents, agreements, provisions, and other terms used in the language of construction and construction finance. Some terms have more than one definition, depending on who you ask, and others overlap in…

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Material Suppliers & Construction Payment

Material Supplier

Material suppliers inhabit a tough spot in the construction payment landscape. A material supplier’s challenges to lien and bond claim compliance are numerous, and the financial risk is high. Since suppliers are at the bottom of the payment chain, there are many…

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Construction Payment Utopia

Construction payment can be as beautiful as this landscape.

The construction industry has a payment problem. While not surprising to construction industry participants, the extent of the payment difficulties encountered on construction projects can be surprising to those from other industry. The razor-thin…

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The Year In Review: 2014 Lien Law Changes

2014 lien law changes

Mechanics lien and bond claim laws are nearly constantly changing or being clarified. These changes and clarifications are brought about in many ways, including legislation and court cases. The Construction Payment Blog routinely provides updates to inform our…

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