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Lien Best Practice

4 Ways Subcontractors Can Get Paid Using the zlien Methodology

Managing receivables in the construction industry is tough, especially without a succinct process to guide your actions. This becomes ever more complicated if your company is using its mechanics lien rights to control overdue receivables. The nuanced laws and complex timelines make process and policy a necessity to manage when to send notice and when […]

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Changes to Mississippi Lien Law Include Required Notices

The recent changes to the Mississippi lien law scheme were substantial and transformative. Yesterday’s post announcing that the re-imagining of Mississippi lien law had been signed into law set forth the big changes as to which parties qualify for leon protection. Parties who contract with the property owner are no longer the only ones who […]

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Texas Mechanics Lien and Notice Requirements: A Primer

It’s no secret that the requirements for preliminary notices and mechanics liens, and their associated deadlines, can be confusing and complicated. While this is true for many states, especially if a potent lien claimant has projects in more than one state, it is uncontrovertibly true for projects in Texas. Texas has some of the most […]

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Notice Policy and Changing Corporate Culture

Notice Policy Is Key to Protecting Lien Rights Making sure that a company complies with all of the various notice requirements to protect future lien rights is difficult and time-consuming, and can be a very frustrating and seemingly impossible task. When projects are located throughout many different states, the amount of rules that need to […]

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Postage Rate Increase Raises Cost of Preliminary Notices

On January 26th, The US Postal Service increased the postage rates across the board, and you could be paying thousands of dollars more each year on your preliminary notices as a result. The 2014 rate increases are as follows: USPS Mail Service:   2013 Rate    v.    2014 Rate  Certified Mail Fee       […]

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construction notice requirements in california

California Preliminary Notice Infographic

The California preliminary notice requirements are actually quite simple, but that doesn’t mean they lack details.  To make all of those details easy to understand, we’ve created an infographic exploring everything you need to know about California’s preliminary notice requirements, such as: When to send it Who to send it to How to send it […]

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Preliminary Notice Management when Mail Returned Undelivered

What To Do If The USPS Returns Your Preliminary Notice Mailing?

State requirements everywhere setting forth the preliminary notice and construction notice requirements leave a lot to be desired in addressing practical issues that arise when complying with the same. This is especially true with respect to the actual delivery of a notice. It is common when sending mail that mail will be lost, returned, undeliverable […]

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Preliminary Notices: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

I routinely mention that finding some way to secure an extension of credit goes a long way to ensuring payment. Securing its receivables makes a company better able to make sound credit decisions, feel secure in extending credit, and aggressively seek out new business opportunities. Securing a debt can be accomplished in several ways, including […]

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Gambling with In-House Preliminary Notices

3 Reasons Why Sending In-House Preliminary Notices is a Gamble

Many small to medium sized businesses get into the habit of sending their own preliminary notices.  What starts out as a manageable task 3 – 5 times per month quickly turns into a full-time position as the company grows.  In many states, preliminary notices are vital to protecting your mechanics lien rights and sending them […]

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Sending Preliminary Notice Late May Still Provide A Benefit

It’s no secret that managing preliminary notice deadlines, and sending preliminary notices within those deadlines, is a crucial aspect of lien policy and sound credit management for parties in the construction industry. In fact, the ability to track deadlines and determine when preliminary notices must be sent is one of the main factors that companies […]

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Create and Use A Payment Funnel to Reinvent Your Receivables

It’s no secret that getting paid in the construction industry can be difficult. Obstacles to payment seem to spring up constantly: pay when paid provisions, bankruptcy, joint check agreements, workmanship disputes, and more all cause hassles when companies attempt to get paid for the work they’ve done. The cost of this payment problem is severe. In both a cause […]

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