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When Mechanics Lien Laws Change Which Apply?

One thing that we mention frequently on this blog is that mechanics lien laws are seemingly in constant motion. Legislatures determine that there needs to be more protection for the property owner, or more protection for the contractor, and all of a sudden the deadlines to file, or the required notices have changed. These changes […]

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Pennsylvania Mechanics Liens: Unique Requirements

If you are filing a Pennsylvania mechanics lien, it is obligatory to adhere to your due dates. When filing, you need to leave plenty of time for your mechanics lien to be sent back and forth between multiple parties without its expiration date passing. Because of this, with Pennsylvania mechanics liens you need to be […]

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Pennsylvania Mechanics Lien Law: 5 Things to Know

Need a quick overview of Pennsylvania mechanics lien law? You came to the right place. Check out the “5 things to know” below and let Zlien help you get paid! There are Some Unusual Restrictions about When and Who Can File a Mechanics Lien in Pennsylvania Unlike some of the other states, eligibility for who […]

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Pennsylvania Lien Law: Is Excavation Lienable If No Structure Is Built?

Mechanics liens are a powerful tool to get folks in the construction industry paid for work performed on, or materials furnished to, a construction project. In order to gain the benefit of a mechanics lien, however, the work performed or material furnished must meet the statutory requirements of the state in which the project is […]

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Pennsylvania Mechanics Lien Law: Mechanics Liens and Pennsylvania’s Home Improvement Act

Pennsylvania’s Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act (HICPA) became effective on July 1, 2009.  Under the law, all parties, including contractors and subcontractors, who perform more than $5,000 of work per year, and whose company is worth less than $50 million dollars, must register with the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General.  HICPA essentially has an all-encompassing […]

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Can Legal Mechanics Liens Be Unfair?

Recently, we discussed Pennsylvania’s potential change from a full-price lien state to an unpaid-balance lien state, as well as the other potential changes to Pennsylvania lien law currently being debated by the Pennsylvania Senate as Senate Bill 145. The Lien Blog is not the only publication discussing the possible changes to Pennsylvania lien law, however. […]

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Mechanics Lien Law Changes

Mechanics Lien Law: Pennsylvania Senate to Vote on Amendment

One of our most frequent topics here at the Lien blog is changes in lien law.  Whenever state legislatures pass or even consider  bills that propose changes to a state’s mechanics lien law, we want our readers and clients to be the first to know so that they understand how the amendment will affect their […]

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Pennsylvania Mechanics Liens: Limiting Subcontractors’ Liens to Unpaid Balance?

As frequently mentioned on this blog, mechanics liens serve one purpose – to provide security to parties furnishing labor and/or material to a construction project for the improvement of real estate. This security is important; a business’s knowledge that payment will be forthcoming for work performed is crucial to keeping the wheels of industry turning […]

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Pennsylvania Mechanics Lien Law: Potential Changes Coming in 2015

As we noted in a recent post, state legislatures are constantly amending their lien laws.  While that post discussed Oklahoma’s potential modification of the mechanic’s lien law, this post examines a proposed amendment to the Pennsylvania mechanics lien law scheme. Proposed Amendments to Pennsylvania Mechanics Lien Law Change Notice Requirements The proposed amendment would have a significant effect […]

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Pennsylvania Mechanics Lien Law: When Does The Clock Start To Tick?

If you aren’t paid for furnishing labor or materials to a Pennsylvania construction project you may have the right to file a mechanics lien claim to secure that account. Mechanics liens are very important to any construction or supply company because it helps you avoid bad debt. The importance of avoiding bad debt and how […]

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Pennsylvania Mechanics Lien Law: Does the Contractor and Subcontractor Payment Act Undercut Sub-Subcontractors’ Rights?

The Pennsylvania Contractor and Subcontractor Payment Act 73 P.S. Sec. 501 et seq., was passed in 1994 to provide contractors and subcontractors additional protection when unpaid for their services on construction projects in that state.  Generally speaking, the act sets forth general payment terms for contracts that don’t contain a payment due date, and provides for […]

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