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Pay When Paid and Pay If Paid: Delaware

Mechanics Lien Claims Open The PurseSometimes, it seems as if determining whether pay if paid clauses and/or pay when paid clauses are enforceable in a certain state is nearly impossible. In many states, the question is only resolved by an analysis of…

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Pay If Paid and Pay When Paid: Colorado

Financial Risk and Priority Battles in Construction IndustryContinuing our brief review of pay when paid and pay if paid clauses throughout the United States, this post examines these clauses under Colorado construction law. Colorado allows for both the timing mechanism…

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Connecticut Pay If Paid Clauses

pay when paid and pay if paid provisions
Pay if paid and pay when paid clauses are treated differently depending on the state. Some, like Illinois, North Carolina, and Wisconsin, have statutory restrictions on such clauses, and others, like California and New York,…

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