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Mechanics Liens Get The Owner’s Attention

Lien and bond claim secrets and myths

Subcontractors and suppliers can be unknown to owners during construction projects unless a problem arises. Typically, they do not report directly to the owner, but when a subcontractor or supplier files a mechanics lien, they certainly…

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I Just Received a Lien. What Does It Mean?

Receiving a mechanics lien can be stressful – but it doesn’t have to be confusing. Liens generally supply the recipients with as much information as possible to understand who and why the property is being liened. If you received a lien and can’t…

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LLCs and Liens on “Owner-Occupied” Residences

owner-occupied residence

Preliminary notice requirements for mechanics liens vary from state to state and project-by-project. One particular type of project that can prompt extra, or at least differing, notice requirements in several states is a project on an owner-occupied residence. Many states have…

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