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Oklahoma Mechanics Lien Law Changes Take Effect Today, November 1st


Oklahoma House Bill 1087 (OK-HB-1087 Full Text) becomes law today, November 1st, to explicitly allow lien claimants to include overhead and profits in their claim amount, and potentially other costs as well. We’ve followed the status of this bill from introduction to enrollment, and you can read those articles here: Oklahoma Mechanics Lien Law Protects […]

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Oklahoma Mechanics Lien Law: Legislature Considering Amendment

Individual state legislatures sometimes can go decades without amending their states’ lien laws. Unfortunately, this can make it easy to overlook potential changes when they do come about – and over the whole country lien law is constantly evolving. For example, the PAID blog recently discussed how Illinois just amended its law to restore mechanics […]

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Oklahoma’s Little Miller Act Now Applies To Private Construction on Public Land

Today, the Oklahoma governor signed Senate Bill 1053 (SB 1053) into law, which enacts a tiny change to Oklahoma’s Little Miller Act that can make a significant difference to the state’s bond claim laws. The change effectively makes the state’s Little Miller Act (governing bond claims against state projects) applicable to private construction projects whenever they […]

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Effects of Mechanics Liens Explained by Consumer Report on Local News

Whenever I write about the effectiveness of mechanic liens, I use the tag “Why Lien.” It’s been said a lot on this blog: mechanic liens are the most effective collection tool available to your construction business. Why are mechanic liens so effective? Because when done correctly, they can legally obligate parties (like property owners) to […]

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