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Ohio Courts Enforce Late Claim As Waiver

Every state is has different laws pertaining to waiving rights and lien waivers. Twelve states require that a statutory form must be followed in order for lien rights to be waived. Other states prohibit the unconditional waiving of lien rights. States where contract law dictates lien waivers and other waivers, contractors…

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Ohio Mechanics Lien Law: 5 Things to Know

If you need to file a mechanics lien in Ohio, zlien can help. Take a look at the “5 things” below before you get started.
Ohio Construction Managers have Mechanics Lien Rights & Liens Are Effective for a Long Time
In Ohio, general contractors, subcontractors, labors suppliers and construction managers…

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Mechanics Liens: Can Owners Disguise No Lien Clauses?

Another blog recently discussed five of their top Ohio construction cases of 2012.  Rather than just re-hash what’s already been written, we here at the Lien blog like to imagine how these cases would have been decided had they been about mechanics liens.  Number three on the post discussed two…

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