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Contract Contained Irrevocable Waiver To Claims

Every state is has different laws pertaining to waiving rights, claims, and lien waivers. For example, twelve states require that a statutory form must be followed in order for lien rights to be waived. Other states prohibit the unconditional waiving of lien rights. Contract law, for the most part, dictates lien waivers and other waivers. Contractors […]

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Ohio Notice of Furnishing: The Why, Who, What, When, and How

WHY send an Ohio Notice of Furnishing? The short answer: It’s best practice (and sometimes you have to). The long answer: If the owner files a Notice of Commencement, most other parties are required to submit a preliminary notice. In Ohio, this notice is called a Notice of Furnishing. Even if a preliminary notice is […]

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Ohio Courts: Suppliers Must Prove Materials Used For Improvement

Every state has a separate statute which dictates what qualifies as a valid mechanics lien. Some are very precise in requirements, while others can be vague and left up to the courts to fill in the blanks. Ohio’s mechanics lien statute is explicit when stating that a supplier must be furnishing materials used for an […]

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How To Send A Notice To Owner – Certified Mail, or Certified Mail Return Receipt?

How to Actually Mail A Notice to Owner

Sending a Notice to Owner is a complicated affair. The document has a lot of criteria, such that contractors and suppliers must, within a certain period of time, make certain that they are sending the correct form with the required information to the appropriate recipients. Importantly, however, a notice to owner must be mailed in a certain way. If a mechanics […]

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Ohio Mechanics Lien Law: 5 Things to Know

If you need to file a mechanics lien in Ohio, zlien can help. Take a look at the “5 things” below before you get started. Ohio Construction Managers have Mechanics Lien Rights & Liens Are Effective for a Long Time In Ohio, general contractors, subcontractors, labors suppliers and construction managers have mechanics lien rights. Compared […]

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Ohio Mechanics Lien Law: Ohio Adds New Charges to Remove Lien Exception from Title Insurance

As another blog has noted, “contractors, subcontractors, owners, lenders, and title companies often become intertwined when a party seeks to purchase title insurance coverage for mechanic’s liens.” While many title insurance companies are willing to insure against some mechanics liens, most will insert a general exception for unfiled liens. As construction and contract negotiations continue however, […]

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Mechanics Liens: Can Owners Disguise No Lien Clauses?

Disguise A No Liens Clause?

Another blog recently discussed five of their top Ohio construction cases of 2012.  Rather than just re-hash what’s already been written, we here at the Lien blog like to imagine how these cases would have been decided had they been about mechanics liens.  Number three on the post discussed two cases.  Both seemed to indicate […]

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