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Notices to Owner — also known as “pre lien notices” or “preliminary notices” or “NTOs” — are sent by construction project participants at the start of construction or supply work to provide other parties notice that they are working on the project. The term “notice to owner” is most commonly used in the Southwest, in states such as Florida and Georgia, where the term “notice to owner” is used within the statutes to identify the construction notice delivered to promote jobsite transparency and to protect lien rights for subcontractors and suppliers. Notices to owner do not create any mechanics lien or bond claim rights, and do not impact the property’s title in any way. While lien rights are not created by these notices, they may be destroyed, as not sending a NTO can be fatal to a party’s attempt to later file a lien or bond claim. The notices must typically be sent by certified mail, certified mail return receipt requested, or by registered mail; it being important to send the notice to the correct parties in the correct method.

Preliminary Notice Best Practices

Preliminary Notice Best Practice

Preliminary notices can be the glue that holds a lien policy together, a tool to provide or obtain information, and a necessary part of the financial security and payment process on construction projects. However, despite these incredibly important tasks,…

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Mechanics Liens Get The Owner’s Attention

Lien and bond claim secrets and myths

Subcontractors and suppliers can be unknown to owners during construction projects unless a problem arises. Typically, they do not report directly to the owner, but when a subcontractor or supplier files a mechanics lien, they certainly…

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