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South Carolina Notice of Furnishing Clarified

South Carolina requires that parties on a construction project with no direct contract with the property owner deliver a Notice of Furnishing to the property owner and general contractor prior to filing a valid mechanics lien in the event of nonpayment. While the only specific deadline to deliver this notice…

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Color Coded Map of Nationwide Notice Requirements

Filing a mechanics lien is a great credit and collections tool, but there are a lot of compliance requirements tied to the remedy. Sometimes, notices must be sent at the start of construction (preliminary notices).  Sometimes, notices must be sent at the end of construction before a mechanics lien is…

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Send Ohio Notice of Furnishing Fast…But Not Early

I’ll go ahead and say…the law can be quite stupid. It’s astonishing to me how so many smart people can become attorneys and allow themselves to become so consumed with inconsequential technicalities.  That’s precisely what seems to have occurred  in the state of Ohio with respect to that state’s preliminary…

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