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New York Mechanics Lien Invalidated Because Claimant’s Name Slightly Incorrect

Last week, the Supreme Court of New York (New York County) invalidated a mechanics lien in an unpublished decision because the document just barely misidentified the claimant. It is a risk we warned about and called potentially “harsh” last year when writing about a similar California case, although the court in that case forgave the claimant’s […]

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New York Mechanics Lien Priority: Who’s On First?

If a construction project gets saddled with mechanics lien claims and money gets tight, the topic of “Lien Priority” can suddenly become very important. Every state has some method of ranking lien and paying lien claims. These methods typically not only pit mechanics lien claimants against one another, but also against lenders who contribute funds to […]

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New York Mechanics Lien: What’s The Deadline When A Two Family Home Being Converted To A Single Family Home?

New York is one of those states with multiple mechanics lien deadlines. Your deadline will actually change depending on the nature of the project. As explained in zlien’s New York Mechanics Lien Resources: Generally, lien required w/in 8 months of last furnishing services. On single-family residential projects, w/in 4 months. Work on single-family residential projects, therefore, requires […]

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New York Mechanics Lien Law: Legal Property Description in New York City

While every state requires that some description of the property, like the municipal property address, be included on a mechanics lien, many states take it a step further and require that a mechanics lien include a legal property description. A legal property description can be described as “a written statement recognized by law as to the […]

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New York Mechanics Lien Law: 5 Things to Know

Interested in filing a New York mechanics lien? Navigating all the information can be tricky. Take a look a these “5 things to know” before getting started A Project Participant Must Be Authorized to do Business in New York New York allows for most parties on a project to file a mechanics lien. This includes […]

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Mechanics Liens: Mechanics Liens and … Criminal Law?

While browsing recent news stories involving mechanics liens, a very interesting headline popped up in my search results: “Sixteen People Arrested on Federal Indictment Involving Multi-State Car Theft Conspiracy.”  At first, I was surprised that such a story opened up after a search for “mechanics liens,” but after reading a little more about the case, […]

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Mechanics Lien: New York Rules On What Is A Fictitious Lien

In a recent post, the PAID blog discussed how New York courts will rarely (although sometimes do) summarily dismiss exaggerated mechanics liens.  However, in a recent case, Neptune Estate v. Big Poll & Son Construction, L.L.C., a New York Supreme Court took the issue of an exaggerated lien one step further in answering the question: […]

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Mechanics Lien Exaggeration: Grounds to Dismiss a Lawsuit in New York?

Summary Judgment: An Introduction Most people think that if a lawsuit proceeds to trial, there’s only one opportunity to win or lose: When a jury issues a verdict.  In civil trials, however, this scheme isn’t always true. Let’s say that you’re a property owner and that a subcontractor who performed work on your home filed […]

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New York Mechanics Lien Law: Priority – Lien vs Mortgage

Whenever a property owner goes into financial trouble, mechanics lien claimants naturally wonder if they can still get paid. This often comes down to determining where the mechanics lien ranks on the lien priority ladder. Unfortunately, the answer is far from simple.  One may think that whatever assets the property owner still has could be […]

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New York Mechanics Lien Law: How To File Your Claim

Filing a mechanics lien in any state is a tricky and technical affair, and this is true in New York.  Over looking a trivial step in the process or making a small mistake on the mechanics lien form can invalidate your lien claim completely. This articles provides a step-by-step explanation of what is required to […]

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Mechanics Liens: How does Zlien sign your documents?

Will Zlien be sending me paperwork to sign? In most cases, the answer is No.  Zlien is compliant with every state’s lien and notice requirements.  If we are capable of signing your documents on your behalf as an authorized agent, then we take care of getting your documents signed and notarized if necessary. When you […]

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