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New York Mechanics Lien Priority: Who’s On First?

If a construction project gets saddled with mechanics lien claims and money gets tight, the topic of “Lien Priority” can suddenly become very important. Every state has some method of ranking lien and paying lien claims. These methods typically not only pit mechanics lien claimants against one another, but also against lenders who contribute funds to […]

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Want To Challenge A New York Mechanics Lien? Note These Words of Wisdom

Challenging a mechanics lien in New York is a difficult task.  This is something the courts have made clear over and over again as we’ve covered on this blog in posts like “Are New York Mechanics Lien Challenges Impossible?” and “New York Court Refuses To Cancel Mechanics Lien When Parties In Dispute.“ I came across […]

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New York Mechanics Lien Extension Rules Cloudy With A Chance Of Controversy

Hat tip to our friend Vincent Pallaci of the New York Mechanics Lien Blog for calling our attention to a very interesting and controversial mechanics lien decision from the appeals court in New York  affecting lien extensions in his blog article: Appeals Court Reinstates Discharged (Expired) Mechanic’s Lien. At issue in the case In the […]

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Things To Think About When Assigning A Mechanics Lien

We’ve talked a lot about why you should file a mechanics lien, but something I always overlook and fail to mention this: A mechanics lien claim is an asset. Since a lien claim is an asset, most states allow you to “assign” the claim to any other person or entity.  Assignment is the transfer of rights […]

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My Favorite Resource on New York Mechanic Lien Laws

People frequently ask me where I find the information to keep this blog. Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer. Mechanic lien law changes are proposed and put into effect around the country pretty constantly, and lien cases get decided by courts at least once every two or three weeks. There’s no central respitoray where all these […]

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File A Mechanics Lien On A State Project?

Is My Project Private, Federal, State…Or Something Different?

If you’re unpaid on a construction project and you want to file a lien, you have to figure out the project type to determine what type of lien is available to you. In most circumstances, there are three types of projects: – Federal Projects: Construction work performed on federal property. Contractors and suppliers are unable […]

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Are Changes Coming to New York’s Mechanic Lien Laws?

First, a big thank you to the New York Mechanic’s Lien Blog for posting about these pending bills and bringing them to our attention.    Before summarizing those proposed lien law amendments, it’s worth taking a moment to point out how great of a job Vincent Pallaci is doing with this blog.  I’ve really enjoyed his […]

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Most Common Mechanic Lien Mistakes

Through the years on the Construction Lien Blog, we’ve published a lot of blog posts about errors folks make with the mechanic lien process.   There’s even a tag for it on our blog, the Lien Errors tag.   Click on that, and you’ll see discussion on the many things that can go wrong. It’s been a […]

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Your Mechanic Lien Was Bonded…Now What?

After you file a mechanic lien, a number of things may happen.   The lien may be paid off (and then canceled), or you may be required to file a lawsuit to foreclose on the mechanics lien (Read our previous blog post:  What Happens After You File A Mechanics Lien?) Something else may happen after a […]

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