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Mechanics Lien On Meadowlands Cannot Be Discharged

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  Mechanics liens are rather simple. Generally, if you contribute to the improvement of property, you are entitled to a mechanics lien on the property. The lien gives you an ownership interest in the property. Some states will include exceptions to this general rule. For example, in New Jersey, construction liens cannot be asserted against […]

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Construction Industry Arbitration Rules and Mediation Procedures Revised

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Over the summer, the American Arbitration Association (AAA) revised the Construction Industry Arbitration Rules and Mediation Procedures. Some changes are rather modest, while others will have a great impact on construction contract disputes. Whether they effect your contract or not is determined by the language of your contract. Even if your contract was agreed upon […]

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New Jersey Residential Mechanics Lien: A Convoluted Process

Every state has certain requirements that must be met in order to successfully file a mechanics lien. While many states’ guidelines are fairly easy to comprehend, that is not, unfortunately, universal. In New Jersey, the mechanics lien process for residential construction projects involves filing a required notice, and an independent arbitrator making a determination regarding the acceptable amount […]

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Complex Recent New Jersey Case Limits Lien Rights

Nearly two years ago, The Construction Payment Blog asked the question: “Does the Green Building Industry Have Fewer Mechanics Lien Rights?” This is a complex question, and one with no set answer. In the case examined in the linked article, the question was whether or not a solar panel installation constituted a “permanent improvement” for […]

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New Jersey Mechanics Lien Law: 5 Things to Know

Ready to file a mechanics lien in New Jersey? Let zlien answer your questions starting with the “5 things to know” below. Suppliers to Suppliers Are Allowed Lien Rights The there are a wide range of project participants eligible to file for a mechanics lien in New Jersey. In New Jersey, general contractors, subcontractors, laborers, […]

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Mechanics Liens: How does Zlien sign your documents?

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Will zlien be sending me paperwork to sign? In most cases, the answer is No.   zlien is compliant with every state’s lien and notice requirements.  If we are capable of signing your documents on your behalf as an authorized agent, then we take care of getting your documents signed and notarized if necessary. When […]

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Two Options to Get Paid on New Jersey Public Projects

When a party is unpaid on a public project, the general route to recovery is through filing a bond claim.  Governmental and public entities generally cannot be liened, so security for parties who furnished labor and/or materials to the project is not tied to the land or improvement itself, but rather, to a payment bond […]

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Should New Jersey Pass Payment Penalty Bill – Or Fix Mechanics Lien Laws?

There is a bill pending in the New Jersey legislature that is splitting the construction industry between general contractors and subcontractors, as the bill proposes penalties against contractors who fail to pay its subcontractors within a prescribed amount of time.  The bill and the dispute between these groups is discussed in a NJBiz article: Subcontractors, […]

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