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New Hampshire Embraces P3 Projects

New Hampshire Passes New P3 Legislation

Across the country Public-Private Partnership (P3) projects have been becoming more and more popular. The flexibility this format provides is beneficial to all parties involved. P3 projects allow public entities to fund projects without calling for taxpayer dollars. For private parties these partnerships often present a stable long term relationship, which can be rare in the construction industry. While […]

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Proper Preparation Can Save You From Contract Disputes

We talk a lot on this blog about protecting yourself from unwanted legal situations by understanding your contract and knowing and understanding the laws that govern that contract and the project you are working on. These points are reiterated time and time again because they are vital to business in the construction world. I would […]

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New Hampshire Mechanics Lien Law: 5 Things to Know

Most Project Participants Are Eligible In New Hampshire, mechanics lien law states that general contractors, subcontractors, laborers, and material/equipment suppliers, are entitled to mechanics lien rights. In contrast, sub-sub-subcontractors (likely) and suppliers to suppliers (definitely) to not have rights. Though not mentioned explicitly by statute, equipment lessors (within 2 tiers of the general contractor) probably […]

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Mechanics Liens Can “Go Green” Too

Mechanics liens have been around a long time.  In fact, they date back to at least the original construction of Washington, D.C.  The great thing about mechanics liens is that they cover a huge variety of projects.  Specifically, in addition to traditional construction projects like residences, mechanics liens are also a great way for unpaid […]

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New Hampshire Mechanics Lien Law: More Parties Entitled to Mechanic’s Lien Protection?

New Hampshire Lien Law Amended January 2013 Effective January 2013, N.H. RSA 447:2 extends explicit mechanic’s lien protection to “design professionals” provided certain requirements are met.  While this amendment provides some clarification of the parties entitled to mechanic’s lien protection in New Hampshire, more explicit clarification could still be used. Old N.H. RSA 447:2, 447:5 […]

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Big Changes Considered For New Hampshire’s Mechanics Lien Law

At a time when Pennsylvania and Virginia are considering bills that would make it more burdensome to comply with the mechanics lien laws, it’s refreshing to see SB 371 in the New Hampshire legislature, which would extend the time lien claimants have to file a mechanics lien and open the laws up to design professionals such as licensed […]

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