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Nevada Mechanics Lien Law: What’s the Real Lien Deadline?

Sometimes, it seems like I am constantly discussing deadlines. There’s a good reason for that, though. The importance of monitoring and complying with the statutory deadlines cannot be overstated. It is crucial that the time period in which a lien can be filed is not allowed to slip by unnoticed. If it does, the ability […]

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Nevada Mechanics Lien Law: 5 Things to Know

Nevada mechanics lien law can get complicated. This post will point you in the right direction with “5 things to know” about Nevada mechanics lien law. Most Project Participants Have Nevada Mechanics Lien Rights Nevada mechanics lien law is especially inclusive. As long as a party provided labor and/or materials worth $500 or more, they […]

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Nevada Mechanics Lien Law: Nevada Is A Notice State; File On Every Project

      Many in the construction industry know that California is a state in which notices are required to be sent. Not as many people know that its neighbor, Nevada, is also notice state. In fact, both preliminary notices and notices of intent to lien are required in Nevada and lien rights will often times […]

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Lien Law Alert: Nevada Supreme Court Lien Priority Decision Costs Lenders $100 Million

Earlier this year we wrote about a Lien Priority dipute brewing in Nevada with high stakes for the parties.  That post, Nevada Supreme Court Asked To Weigh In On High Stakes Lien Priority Dispute, discussed a battle between lien claimants and lenders about who had a better claim to $100 million dollars in a bankruptcy […]

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Think It’s Easy To File A Mechanics Lien? Consider This Nevada Lien Validity Checklist

I came across a blog article from Nevada law firm Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright titled Nevada Mechanics Lien Validity Checklist. The article is written to developers, property owners and others who may be interested in invalidating a mechanics lien filed against their project, but I think it makes an excellent teaching tool to the other side: […]

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Nevada Supreme Court Asked To Weigh In On High Stakes Lien Priority Dispute

The Fontainebleau Las Vegas project on the Las Vegas Strip has been a sore subject for hundreds of contractors in the Nevada area (the Strip has had problems before).  The lender on this mega project pulled funding, and the project went into bankruptcy.  Although the project is in Nevada and all mechanic liens were filed […]

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Nevada Fines Contractor For Not Sending Pre-Lien Notice

If preliminary notices weren’t complicated enough, add this wrinkle:  Your company may be fined by regulatory agencies for not sending preliminary notice. Sounds crazy, right? In fact, however, there are a number of states and circumstances where preliminary notice is a mandatory requirement. These laws are designed to protect consumers, in that certain contractors are required to […]

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Nevada Judge Reduces General Contractor Lien Amount Because of Settlement Between Owner and Subs

Earlier this year, we posted about a huge construction lien filed by the prime contractor in connection with the $8.5 billion CityCenter project in Las Vegas. We titled the post:  Liens Make Your Payment Problem the Entire Project’s Biggest Problem. That post was really written to the subcontractors/suppliers, demonstrating that when a sub/supplier files a […]

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I Didn’t Just Waive My Lien Rights, Did I?: Assessing State Laws

Are you waving goodbye to your lien rights in your contract? Can owners do that? Recently Zlien reported that Virginia law permits a contractor to waive its lien rights in any project. While this certainly is not uniform across all states, there are a number of states which follow this line of thinking. The existence […]

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Now Filing in Nevada

Zlien is pleased to announce that it is growing its service once again, and as of Monday, May 5, 2008, its online lien filing service will be available for use in Nevada. is a revolutionary lien filing service offering those in the construction industry a fast and affordable way to lien non-paying projects and […]

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