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Montana Mechanics Lien Law: 5 Things to Know

Montana Mechanics Lien

zlien is the nations leading lien manager and filing service. Want to get paid? Check out the “5 things to know” below! Parties Eligible to File a Mechanics Lien In Montana, any project participant that has provided service or materials pursuant to a real estate improvement contract can file a mechanics lien. It is unclear, […]

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Montana: 90 Days from when?

Another day, another post about deadlines.  This time, we’re taking a look at Montana. Montana is interesting in that there are two potential time periods in which a mechanics lien must be filed, as set forth by statute.  According to Montana Code, a construction lien must be filed no later than 90 days after […]

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Material Suppliers: Proving Incorporation When Filing A Mechanics Lien

While mechanic lien laws are different from state-to-state, one constant among the laws is that a mechanic lien right only arises if your materials are incorporated into the property being liened. I’ve talked about this in the past in some Scenario posts.  Some of these posts address whether cleaning services, landscaping services, furniture installers, etc. […]

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Special Mechanic Lien Rules for Specially Fabricated Materials


Time and time again on this blog, I’ve said that if there is one lien law rule consistent from state to state, it’s that in order to qualify for a mechanics lien claim, the materials or labor you furnish must actually be incorporated into the jobsite’s property (click here to see mentions of “incorporation” on […]

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