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Get Paid? Better File a Mississippi Lien Release

The recent signing into law of SB 2622 has turned Mississippi lien law on its head, and completely changed the rules and requirements of mechanics liens in that state. New notice requirements have been imposed in some situations, new parties are entitled to protection, new deadlines apply, and the lien waiver scheme has been restructured. The […]

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Mississippi Lien Waivers – A New Approach

The recent dramatic changes to Mississippi’s lien law scheme completely changed the landscape of construction security in Mississippi. Mechanics liens are now available to subcontractors, sub-subcontractors, and suppliers instead of only to original contractors. In order to benefit from those new-found lien rights, however, some parties may be required to send one or more of the newly created […]

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Changes to Mississippi Lien Law Include Required Notices

The recent changes to the Mississippi lien law scheme were substantial and transformative. Yesterday’s post announcing that the re-imagining of Mississippi lien law had been signed into law set forth the big changes as to which parties qualify for leon protection. Parties who contract with the property owner are no longer the only ones who […]

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Mississippi Lien Law Changes Signed Into Law

The Lien and Credit Journal has been keeping a close eye on the tumultuous state of mechanics lien law in Mississippi for the past 6 months. It seemed like change was on the horizon when the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit deemed Mississippi’s Stop Notice law facially unconstitutional as it deprived general contractors […]

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New Mississippi Lien Rights To Be Patterned On Georgia Law?

Late last year, The Lien and Credit Journal noted that sweeping change may have been headed for Mississippi’s Stop Notice Law, and it looks like that change may have started to occur. Current State of Mississippi Lien or Stop Notice Protection In Mississippi, only an original contractor (a party who contracted directly with the property […]

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Mississippi Stop Notice Statute Unconstitutional? Changes May be Coming.

The laws, rules, and regulations surrounding mechanics liens and notices are constantly fluctuating. More often than not, these changes are more modest in nature rather than broad and sweeping changes to the law. While significant in effect, something like a new requirement that a notice be sent to the general contractor and property owner rather […]

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Storm Chasers Must Familiarize Themselves With Mechanics Lien Laws

It’s that time of year again. In the past we’ve written about Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Irene, Hurricane Gustav and Tropical Storm Lee. While the cities and businesses scramble to manage evacuations, and residents board up their houses, the construction industry studies the storm’s path and gets ready for an intense demand for its services. Insurance […]

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Shocker: Mississippi Stop Notice Statute Declared Unconstitutional

The headline here might be a little bit premature for two reasons: (1) The subject decision has been appealed; and (2) The decision is in federal court, and thus, is not binding to state courts in Mississippi.  Nevertheless, the shot has been fired, and there is now standing case law in Mississippi declaring its stop payment […]

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Mississippi Lien Law Now Allows Suit Filing in County Court and Clarifies Statutory Lien Period

Mississippi Governor Barbour just signed Senate Bill 2363 into law, which makes small amendments the Mississippi mechanic liens laws; specifically M.S. § 85-7-141. Filing Allowed in County Court Every state’s court system has levels of trial courts with varying jurisdiction. In Mississippi, there are county courts with concurrent jurisdiction “in all matters of law and […]

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Database Changes for Mississippi and Alaska Lien Law Updates

Over the past two weeks, the lien laws changed in Mississippi and Alaska, and the LienPilot database has been updated to ensure your preliminary notice and mechanic lien deadlines are properly calculated. In Mississippi, the law changed so that rental companies can lien for rented equipment. Accordingly, all of our deadlines for the state were […]

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ALERT: Mississippi Alters Lien Law to Welcome Rental Industry

The Mississippi lien statutes haven’t been significantly changed since 1918.   As change is the only constant in this world, on March 17, 2010, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour signed SB 2800 into law, amending the lien laws to include rental and lease equipment and suppliers as a class of parties protected by the state’s statutory lien […]

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