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Lien Law Review: Massachusetts Court Defines Scope of Prompt Pay Act

We here at zlien like to keep our readers current on lien law trends and where the courts are headed. I read through a number of cases on a regular basis, finding tidbits of information that are useful. This blog post discusses a rather creative, yet failing argument presented by the unpaid contractor. The important […]

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Miller Act: Does Your Miller Act Claim Deadline Control All Of Your Claims?

The Ninth Circuit United States Court of Appeals recently issued a decision that impacts Miller Act Claims across the United States.  In Pre Con Industries, Inc. v. First National Insurance Company of America, the parties were arguing about the scope of the one year statute of limitation.  The Ninth Circuits discussion of this legally technical […]

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Lien Law: How Do You Lien NASA?

I had a client call in today, who was wondering how he can file a lien on a project he is working on. This is a very normal call for us here at zlien, but the interested part of this request is that the client worked on a job located in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Everyone […]

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Miller Act and Attorney Fees: Recent Georgia Case Provides Insight

The issue of whether or not attorney fees can be recovered under the Miller Act is a topic routinely discussed by courts, and by us on the Lien blog, because the law on this issue is complex, confusing, and unclear. One of the trickier aspects of determining whether, or under what provision, attorneys fees may be recovered […]

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Miller Act Claims: 11th Circuit Dismisses Suit for Procedural Error

We here at the Lien blog devote a lot of our time to writing about mechanics liens, and all the issues and laws surrounding them in each and every state.  Another major area of interest, however, is the Miller Act, a piece of federal legislation which permits unpaid subcontractors and material suppliers on federal government […]

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Miller Act Resources and Free Miller Act Forms

The Lien Blog and Zlien website is packed with information about the US Miller Act and filing a claim for payment on a federal project. In fact, one of the most popular posts here on the Lien Blog is one related to the Miller Act and titled: “5 Things To Know About The Miller Act.” […]

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Attorney Fees Are Sometimes Recoverable In Miller Act Claims

In the mechanics lien world, whether you can recover attorney fees as part of your claim is dictated by state statute. The statute either says you can or can’t. Determining if attorney fees are recoverable as part of a US Miller Act Claim  is a bit more complex, but the general answer is that the fees are […]

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Chart: Who Does And Does Not Have Rights Under The Miller Act

The Miller Act can be a little confusing as to who does and who does not have claim rights. While the statute is very broad about what type of work or materials are covered — nearly everything furnished to a federal construction project — it is strict about which tiers of project participants can be included. We […]

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What Lien Rights Do You Have On A Federal Project?

When you perform work on a private commercial or residential project you likely have a mechanics lien right. When you work on a state, county or municipal project, you likely have some type of state bond or state lien right available.  But what happens when you’re on a federal project?  Meet the US Miller Act. […]

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Miller Act Applies When Doing Construction In The Nation’s Attic

Reading the Wall Street Journal last week, I stumbled across “Shaking Up The Smithsonian,” which suggests that the world’s largest museum network is launching an “aggressive building boom.”  This got me thinking about the mechanics lien or bond claim rights on these projects, because I’m sure we’ll have clients starting to furnish labor or materials […]

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Miller Act May Apply to Federal Property Leased To Private Parties

The concept of government property leased to a private entity has gotten a lot of press lately, and a lot of discussion on this blog. One may think the situation only rarely arises when a lien claim is sought against a project that is privately commissioned, but is performed on public land leased to a […]

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