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Miller Act Rights Not Easily Waived

The U.S. Miller Act  gives subcontractors, suppliers, and laborers a bond claim on federal projects. The Act requires that a payment bond be posted by the prime contractor for every federal project. Think of the bond as a pile of money. When a contractor or subcontractor goes unpaid, they have…

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What Are Performance and Payment Bonds?

We talk a lot about mechanics liens and their benefits, but what happens if you are working on a public project and are unable to file a mechanics lien against the property?

That is where bond claims come in. Many people become confused about whether to file a mechanics lien or bond…

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Checklist To Follow When Filing A Mechanics Lien

Have you ever tried to figure out how how to file a mechanics lien? Or even just when to file a lien?

The point is this: mechanics liens are complicated. But they’re too important to give up on. The mechanics lien is a powerful legal tool that provides a number of…

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Complicated Project Role Can Make a Difference for a Miller Act Claim

As the Construction Payment Blog has discussed before the Miller Act can sometimes be confusing, especially as to which parties are enabled to make a claim. While the Miller Act is very broad about the what type of labor and/or materials give rise to a claim (nearly everything furnished to a federal construction project) it…

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Lien Law: How Do You Lien NASA?

I had a client call in today, who was wondering how he can file a lien on a project he is working on. This is a very normal call for us here at zlien , but the interested part of this request is that the client worked on…

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