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A mechanic’s lien is a security interest in the title to property for the benefit of those who have supplied labor or materials that improve the property. First introduced to the United States by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, contractors and suppliers frequently use this device to get paid or secure a contract. Requirements are technical and complex, thus typically requiring software or great discipline to manage.

Texas Subcontractor Risks In Focus at ENR Risks Summit

Construction RisksThe 3rd annual ENR Construction Risk Summit is approaching, providing contractors, owners, sureties, attorneys, and other construction stakeholders a forum to discuss and debate industry risks. The event’s agenda promises to help all stakeholders better “manage costly risks to achieve project…

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10 Things to Consider When Writing A Credit Policy

Credit Policy Information and Tips

Credit policies are critical documents for nearly every organization, but especially for those B2B businesses who manage trade credit. Nearly every construction industry business is in this position, as construction materials, labor, and services are typically furnished and…

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Correcting Mechanics Liens with Lien Amendments

Correct ConceptMechanics lien amendments serve to correct, modify, or add information to a previously recorded lien. Very few states have concrete statutory rules when it comes to the applicability or availability of amendments, or the process of modifying a previously recorded lien….

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Top Lien Release Myths Examined

Lien Release Myths

Mechanics liens can be cancelled or released by the claimant. The release is important to consider once payment has been received, as a tool to mitigate rough business relations with the customers, and to ensure your own business integrity….

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