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Virginia Mechanics Lien Law: 5 Things to Know

Need to brush up on your Virginia mechanics lien law before filing? No problem, Zlien can help! Just refer to these “5 things to know” before getting started. Most Licensed Parties have Mechanics Lien Rights In Virginia licensed parties that provide service or labor for a construction project, removal or repair or improvement on a […]

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North Carolina Lien Agent: Is Necessary By Statute?

Over the past several months, the Lien Blog has spent a good deal of time discussing North Carolina’s recently amended lien laws, with special attention given to the newly created lien agent. As noted by a previous post, a Lien agent is defined by North Carolina statutory law as “A title insurance company or title […]

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Electronic Filing: A Review of

As we noted in another post, more than 300 counties across the country offer electronic filing of mechanics lien and/or notices.  Furthering electronic capabilities, some entire states, such as Iowa, are moving toward housing the entire lien registry online.  Recently, North Carolina also implemented an online registry for lien agents through which notice to lien agents […]

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North Carolina Bond Claim

Lien Law Alert: The Lien Agent – The Most Dramatic Change to North Carolina Lien Law

Despite the handful of relatively recent posts, the changes to North Carolina’s mechanic’s lien and notice law that we have looked at so far have been those contained in the relatively uncontroversial HB 1052. This post will take a look at the much bigger and more radical changes outlined by SB 42 — pushed through […]

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North Carolina Mechanics Lien Law

North Carolina Mechanics Lien Law: Rethinking New Lien Law Before It Goes Into Effect?

Earlier this week, guest blogger Christopher Hill published an article here titled “Is Messing With Mechanic’s Lien Statutes A Good Thing?”  Perhaps the North Carolina legislature and lobbying groups ought to read through that post and take notes, as it looks like they’re considering more changes to the lien laws in addition to the changes still taking […]

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Alert: Virginia General Assembly Tweaks Mechanic’s Lien Notice Requirements

We’re pleased to welcome Christopher Hill back to the Construction Lien Blog for this guest post, bringing information about important changes to mechanic lien statutes in Virgina.  Christopher G. Hill is lawyer and owner of the Richmond, VA firm, The Law Office of Christopher G. Hill, PC, a LEED AP, and member of Virginia’s Legal […]

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30-Day Notice on Residential Projects in Virginia

The notice requirements in Virginia are fairly straight-forward. According to the Code of Virginia, lien notice must only be provided on single or two family residential projects, and only if a Mechanics Lien Agent (MLA) is designated by the property owner in the project’s building permit. If a MLA has been designated, the notice must […]

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