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Material Suppliers & Construction Payment

Material Suppliers & Construction Payment

Material suppliers inhabit a tough spot in the construction payment landscape. A material supplier’s challenges to lien and bond claim compliance are numerous, and the financial risk is high. Since suppliers are at the bottom of the payment chain, there are many…

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CFM Review: Lien Waivers Deserve Respect

CFM Review: Lien Waivers Deserve RespectEvery Friday, we will select a few in-depth articles from the week that we think are worth your valuable time as a construction financial manager (CFM). We look for compelling articles not only about financial topics, but about…

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Hawaii Mechanics Liens: Unique Rules for Suppliers

Hawaii Mechanics Liens: Unique Rules for Suppliers

Specific requirements to secure mechanics lien rights vary depending on the state on which the project is located. This variability between mechanics lien laws is a frequent topic for me, because just like modifications to mechanics lien law, the differences…

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