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The Material Supplier Finance Professional’s Year-End Checklist

As the end of the year rapidly approaches, it’s time for companies to take stock of their receivables, reevaluate (or create) their credit policy, analyze their average DSO, grade their collection efforts, and vow to get paid more often and write-off less bad debt in 2014. While those goals all sound good on paper, actually […]

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Is A Monthly Notice Required For Louisiana Material Suppliers? Legal Controversy Brewing in Bayou State

Louisiana is generally a “non-notice state,” meaning that the traditional preliminary notice (i.e. must be sent within x days from start of a project) is not required of subcontractors and suppliers. Nevertheless, there are nuanced notice requirements buried throughout the states’ private and public lien statutes. One particular notice, which is sometimes required from material […]

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Hawaii Mechanics Liens: Unique Rules for Suppliers

Specific requirements to secure mechanics lien rights vary depending on the state on which the project is located. This variability between mechanics lien laws is a frequent topic for me, because just like modifications to mechanics lien law, the differences in requirements by state serves to further complicate an already confusing topic. These complications, though, […]

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The Z Team: Scott Wolfe Jr Contributing To US Building Digest on Mechanic Liens

Scott Wolfe Jr is now a contributing blogger to US Building Digest, one of the construction industry’s first online video magazines offering comprehensive content on all facets of the building and construction industry. Scott will be contributing posts on construction law topics, including a focus on how security instruments and mechanics lien claims can solve […]

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Credit Management: How Did Your Books Look Last Year? This Year?

We’ve now turned the page into the year 2013. How well did your company’s credit management plans mitigate your risk and allow you to take on the necessary about of business? Just one year ago many sat at their desks to review the prior year’s financial successes and failures, lamenting at any lost money and […]

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Suppliers to Suppliers Mechanics Lien & Bond Rights

A previous article on our blog indicated that “Suppliers to Suppliers rarely catch a break” with respect to mechanics lien and bond claim laws. The reason here is because most private and public statutes prohibit suppliers to suppliers from filing a mechanics lien or bond claim. It’s important to not only announce this information in […]

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Joint Check Agreements: The Joint Check Rule Can Limit A Material Suppliers Claim For Further Payment – Accept Joint Checks With Caution

Joint check agreements and joint checks are looked upon quite favorably in the construction industry, and for good reason.  While joint checks can be issued in any transaction they are most commonly used in the construction industry, and they usually come along to help guarantee payment or get payment to lower tiered subcontractors or suppliers […]

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Challenges of Calculating Mechanics Lien Deadlines For On-Going Work

Calculating mechanics lien deadlines should be straight forward…You start with your last day of furnishing or the completion date for the project (as the case may be), and you count the required number of days and land on your deadline.  Easy, right? If you’re a reader of this blog you know that this isn’t ever […]

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Confronting The Perils of Chasing Out-Of-State Construction Work

Through the years, I’ve consulted with many companies who worked exclusively in a particular state or small region, and accordingly, knew the laws and landscape of that region reasonably well. However, when these companies eye other states or regions to expand their business, the complications of legal variances between those states should stand out as […]

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High Debt Ratios In Building Supply Industry Means High Risk – Can You Control The Risk?

Anyone in the building materials and supply industry knows that managing credit and debt is one of the company’s primary challenges.  This is no industry secret, either. An enourmous amoutn of materials are furnished to projects and contractors on credit, and as a result, the industry has one of the highest debt ratios (behind only […]

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