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Maryland Mechanics Lien Law: 5 Things to Know

Let zlien help you file a mechanics lien in Maryland. Not sure where to start? No problem, just check out the “5 Things to Know” below:
Maryland Mechanics Lien Protection Is Broad
In Maryland any project participant providing labor or materials for a construction project can file a mechanics lien….

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A Short History Of The Mechanic Lien

Since launching my first law blog in 2005, and this construction lien blog in 2007, I’ve talked a lot about mechanic lien laws.   I’ve never addressed where these laws originated, and why our United States has some of the most unique lien and security laws in the world.

So I hit…

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Maryland Liens: Procedural Quandaries

Liens can sometimes become procedural nightmares for contractors and other parties entitled to the placement of this device. Contractors often encounter incredible costs and delays when not following the lien law protocol.

Maryland is one such state where a contractor could truly run into problems. The State of Maryland, differs vastly…

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