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New Requirement for Louisiana Equipment Lessors?

Recently, a new amendment to Louisiana mechanics lien law has been enacted that may change the preliminary notice landscape for equipment lessors. Unfortunately, though, while the idea behind the recent change may be solid, not only may the amendment itself not have any real practical effect, it may also generate confusion. Wording Change to Louisiana […]

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Other Liens: Louisiana Homeowners Association Lien or HOA Lien

Another great tool that is out there to secure debt with real property is the HOA lien. HOA stands for homeowners association. Many neighborhoods have homeowner associations. These entities exist in order to take care of the common elements of the neighborhood and keep the place looking nice. They are also set up to make […]

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Louisiana Mechanics Lien Law: 5 Things to Know

Thinking about filing a Louisiana mechanics lien? Look no further, here are “5 things to know” that will help you hit the ground running! Louisiana Mechanics Lien Protection Extends To Many Project Participants Louisiana mechanics lien law extends protection to many different parties. Not only are general contractors and subcontractors able to file a mechanics […]

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Louisiana Mechanics Lien: How To File Your Claim And Get Paid


It dawned on me this morning that it’s been too long since I’ve written about home sweet home – Louisiana.  Whilezlien is happy to serve clients around the country, our hearts get warm when someone uses our system from Louisiana, and especially the New Orleans area.  Although Louisiana’s law is a bit different from every […]

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Fix The Lights To The Superdome And File A Mechanics Lien – Here Is How


Did you hear about the #Blackout?  Yes, our dear city subjected themselves to a national embarrassment when the lights shut off in the Superdome. One of the biggest stories that came out of the spectacle was the increased activity on Twitter. We couldn’t help ourselves: https://twitter.com/scottwolfejr/status/298248104707239937 While mostly a joke, it does lead me to one of my favorite […]

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