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Zlien v. Lien It Now – A Comparison

A few days ago a conversation with a potential client inspired me to write a blog post about LienItNow’s mechanics lien order form. The article – Caution: LienItNow’s Mechanics Lien Form Doesn’t Take State Differences Into Account – turned into a little comparison between Zlien and the LienItNow (Lien It Now) service. It’s not the […]

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Caution: LienItNow’s Mechanics Lien Form Doesn’t Take State Differences Into Account

This morning, I had a potential client contact us comparing our services with a competitor, LienItNow.  Personally, I don’t think there is even a comparison.  Zlien has the best mechanics lien team out there, and the best offerings. Plus, LienItNow is unlicensed and it’s website content is riddled with copyright violations.  What’s most important to […]

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Is LienItNow Ripping Off Law Firm Content?

If you write legal content for a construction law publication or blog, watch out for this guy:  Stephen Winkles of LienItNow (facebook | linkedin | law firm profile). A few days ago I was reading a recent post from his blog and thought the content sounded familiar. Truth was that it was really familiar, as […]

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Free National Digest of Lien Laws

  The landscape of lien laws are complex, diverse and confusing across the nation. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a reliable, easy-to-use reference guide?  Wouldn’t it be great if the guide was free? Zlien has spent years compiling the web’s most impressive collection of mechanics lien law information. Our reference guide has everything […]

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Beware of Bad Mechanics Lien Information Online

In my most recent blog post, “Are Checks with ‘Payment In Full’ in Memo Field Legally Binding?,” I made mention of some bad advice I found through a Google search of this topic. One particular website had comments from 7 or 8 different people, all dispelling completely wrong information. Incorrect information plagues the Internet, and […]

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3 Things To Ask Your Mechanics Lien Company

Zlien started doing business back in 2007, when there were barely any companies offering mechanic lien and preliminary notice filing services. Since then, a few folks took cues and now claim to offer professional lien and notice services. However, buyers should beware. The mechanics lien and preliminary notice business is not without its complications. Just […]

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