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Tennessee Amendment Changes Payment Bond Details

Payment bonds are meant to be for the benefit of subcontractors and suppliers, generally speaking. Bonds are piles of money put up by the general contractor or owner of a property. Subcontractors and suppliers may submit claims against the pile of money for lack of payment. This process avoids hold ups on work projects by […]

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Illinois Amendment Allows “Bonding Off” Mechanics Lien

Mechanic Lien Law Changes and Alerts

Many lien claimants are worried about a lien claim being “bonded off”. This is usually because parties don’t understand how bonding-off a mechanics lien works and, as a result, fears it, or fears the “loss” of their mechanics lien security. The substitution of the bond for the interest in the property is just another way to get […]

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Mechanics Liens Can Affect Bonding Ability

  Bonding companies do not like mechanics liens. As a matter of fact, most bonding companies will have contractors answer directly to them once a lien is filed. It gives them unwanted exposure, so these bonding companies will immediately put pressure on the contractor to get the issue resolved and get you paid. This is part […]

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How and When To Release A Texas Mechanics Lien

mechanics lien release

The process of releasing a Texas mechanic lien, like everything else under Texas mechanics lien law, is unique. Unlike many other states, the Texas statutes present comprehensive guidelines as to who may release a mechanics lien claim, and how. Because a Texas lien may be released by anyone with interest in the property or the lien (under […]

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Is “Lien” A Four Letter Word On Construction Projects?

Last week, published an article about legal problems mounting for The Aspire Group of Ohio, a prime contractor selected to head a $12.5 million renovation project at the Dayton VA Medical Center. The prime contractor is having serious legal problems, accused of not paying subcontractors and even for bribing a federal official. Some subcontractors on the project were stiffed […]

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Mechanics Lien Claim or Bond Claim? Which Should You File?

Some people get confused about the differences between a bond claim and a mechanics lien claim, and this can result in causing decision paralysis. As this post will explain, however, the question of “which should you file” is usually a trick question. On most occasions, you only have the opportunity to file one or the other. You […]

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Mechanics Liens: What Is A Mechanics Lien?

We’ve talked about the mechanics lien document for years here on the Construction Payment Blog.  Check out the tag “Mechanics Lien,” or check out our post by the same name from last year: What Is A Mechanics Lien? The definition of a mechanics lien is simple.  Hell, just go to Wikipedia: A mechanic’s lien is […]

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