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Is “Lien” A Four Letter Word On Construction Projects?

Last week, published an article about legal problems mounting for The Aspire Group of Ohio, a prime contractor selected to head a $12.5 million renovation project at the Dayton VA Medical Center. The prime contractor is having serious legal problems, accused of not paying subcontractors and even for bribing a federal official. Some subcontractors on the project were stiffed […]

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Mechanics Liens: What Is A Mechanics Lien?

We’ve talked about the mechanics lien document for years here on the Lien Blog.  Check out the tag “Mechanics Lien,” or check out our post by the same name from last year: What Is A Mechanics Lien? The definition of a mechanics lien is simple.  Hell, just go to Wikipedia: A mechanic’s lien is a […]

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Zlien wants to share your story!

    Has Zlien helped you get paid on a project?  We want to share your story on our website. We won’t bother you by asking you to write up a testimonial, but we would like a picture of you for us to post as a Zlien Success Story. If you include a link to […]

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The Z Team: Zlien Goes for the Gold on Trivia Night

  Every week the Zlien team gets together to take a break from the everyday grind.  This week, we decided to enjoy a little trivia at a local pub (that’s right, I said ‘pub’).  By popular demand, I even made an appearance and helped bring our team to victory. It was a close win, and […]

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The Z Team: Call Me, Maybe

    For the past few weeks, we have been compiling data to help us figure out how to serve you better. We’ve been pulling up our call logs to find out how many of your calls we are missing.  We don’t use one of those huge call centers in India or Bangladesh. When you […]

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The Z Team: Important News From Zlien

Today is a very important day in America.  That’s right folks, it’s Scott Wolfe’s birthday! From everyone at Zlien, Happy Birthday to the Self-proclaimed “Mechanics Lien and Preliminary Notice Guru!”   Scott, in honor of your birthday, thanks for giving us the rest of the day off!    Right?

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The Z Team: Zlien Family Vacation – Part 3

Everyone relax!  Here is the third edition and shocking conclusion to our quarterly retreat pictures for your enjoyment:              

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The Z Team: The Most Important Blog Post You’ll Ever Read

Q: What do you get when you mix SPF, liens, cocktails and widgets together? A: Zlien’s Quarterly Retreat! This weekend the entire Zlien team will be reunited (and it feels so good!) in San Diego.  Since the New Orleans Startup Fund closed on an initial round of financing for Zlien, we have been very, very […]

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What Is A Lien?

Lien. The word gets thrown around like a hot potato on a construction project. Here on this blog, I use the word constantly, and advocate that credit managers “file a lien” to protect a company’s rights to payment. But what exactly is it? How does it work?  What does it do and not do?  This […]

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File A Lien Or Go To Small Claims Court?

Scouring the Internet one night I came across this article from Remodeling magazine published in 2010: Lien Times: Use Liens Sparingly and Carefully.  Warning that “the lien conversation throws the relationship into chaos,” the author advises contractors to think long and hard before filing a mechanics lien, and then recommends a small claims court suit instead: A […]

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Construction Lien Blog Now The Lien Blog

When naming this blog quite some years ago, I was a little conflicted.  The common term for lien instruments filed in the construction industry was “mechanics lien,” but that also referred to the liens filed by auto mechanics. Construction lien was the most descriptive term, but no one in the industry really uses it, and […]

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