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Lien Waiver vs Lien Release: What’s the Difference?

Waiving rights, releasing rights… it can be easy to mix up these concepts. But when it comes to lien rights, it is extremely important to understand the distinctions. Lien waivers and lien releases are completely different. Here is a super-simple breakdown.
Lien Waiver
A lien waiver is used to preemptively waive lien rights. Generally the party…

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How and When To Release A Texas Mechanics Lien

The process of releasing a Texas mechanic lien, like everything else under Texas mechanics lien law, is unique. Unlike many other states, the Texas statutes present comprehensive guidelines as to who may release a mechanics lien claim, and how. Because a Texas lien may be released by anyone with interest in the…

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Top Lien Release Myths Examined

Mechanics liens can be cancelled or released by the claimant. The release is important to consider once payment has been received, as a tool to mitigate rough business relations with the customers, and to ensure your own business integrity. Releasing a lien that has been paid in full is the…

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Can I Re-File a Mechanics Lien After I Remove the Lien?

Mechanics Liens Must Be Released When Paid or Expired
After a mechanics lien has been filed, there comes a time when it must (or at least should) be released. This may be because the claimant has been paid, or because the lien has expired without enforcement being initiated. As has been…

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Do you Have to Cancel a Mechanics Lien, or Will It Expire?

If you don’t intend to enforce your mechanics lien claim, best practice is to formally remove the lien.

Most mechanics lien claims are paid without the need for foreclosure or enforcement action. When a lien does not result in payment, the claimant has several questions to ask him or herself:

Should I and…

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