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Priority Revisited: Can a Mechanics Lien Relate Back?

Priority Revisited- Can a Mechanics Liens Relate Back?

When determining the amount of security and protection afforded by a mechanics lien, the priority of that lien compared to other encumbrances on the property is of clear importance. Accordingly, lien priority is topic of much discussion on the blog, and an area in which clear information can be exceedingly helpful. Since large problems with […]

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Nevada Rules On Equal Priority Liens

When things go wrong on a work project and you need to file a mechanics lien, chances are you are not the only party filing a lien. In scenarios like this, lien priority becomes a very important issue. The point is to get paid. That means if you’re not high in priority, or even first […]

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Indiana Courts Give Lienholders More Bargaining Power In Priority Battles

Priority battles can sometimes turn into a nightmare for mechanics lienholders. In many cases, a mortgage lender may have priority over a mechanics lien. Why? Most jurisdictions will give priority to the lender if the mortgage was recorded before the work was commenced on the improvement. Since most mortgages arise to purchase property, or in order to pay […]

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Nevada Lien Priority Battle Leaves Mechanics Lien Subordinate

Mechanics liens are powerful tools to secure payment, but when there’s not enough money to go around, it may ultimately be a lien’s priority that determines whether or not the lien claimant will be paid. Priority battles can be a messy, and in some cases can be a winner take all fight. Priority doesn’t really matter […]

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