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6 Metrics to Track Your Mechanics Lien Policy

6 metrics to track your lien policy.001

If you aren’t keeping track of metrics, then it’s impossible to know if you’re improving. Far too often, credit departments send notices and file liens without structure around measuring whether or not the notices are working. Think, for example, about a company that spends $3,000 per month on protecting lien rights (that’s a $36,000 annual […]

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How A/R and a Lien Policy Work Together

A thorough Lien Policy can form the backbone of a strategic A/R collection plan. Implementing a lien policy can reinvent a company’s receivables, which leads to less bad debt and fewer write-offs. Getting Paid in the Construction Industry Is Tough Getting Paid in construction industry is harder than in most other industries. There are many reasons for this […]

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Lien Policy: Best Practices and Overview

Lien Strategy Before getting into the ins and outs of Lien Policy, and lien strategy, it’s important to note that filing a lien is only one step in the larger scheme of lien strategy as it relates to credit management and receivables policy. In fact, if the rest of a companies credit policy is working, most […]

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Credit Management: How Zlien Fits Into Your Company Credit Policy


Before zlien the construction industry was divided into two camps, 1) those who paid lots of legal bills to keep debt secured and accounts receivables low and 2) those who ventured to take on this arduous task alone. When you look at the bottom line for a construction industry company in either camp, it’s almost […]

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