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Mechanics Lien Compliance In The Cloud – Watch The Webinar

The mechanics lien and bond claim rules are complicated, and since they vary from state to state and circumstance to circumstance, they are nearly impossible to manage and control. Are you using Excel sheets to keep up with these deadlines? Or is someone personally calculating this stuff and figuring it out for you? There’s a […]

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6 Days to Becoming a zlien Pro – Day 2: Setting Up Your Collections Funnel

In yesterday’s lesson, you learned what a lien is and how it works, right?  Today, we are going to discuss how to create your company’s own lien policy that should work for projects in every state, every time. Why make my your own lien policy? Cash is the lifeblood of every business, and the best […]

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Is The Credit Risk Management Profession Changing…For The Better?

“What is the stereotype” for the credit risk professional?  That is the question asked by Cortera on its Core Insights blog, and a question they posed to NACM Credit Congress attendees back in May.  The answer shouldn’t surprise many in the credit and collections industry, but it may serve as a wake up call for […]

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Credit Management: What Is a Credit Policy – And How Do I Make a Good One?

What Is A Credit Policy? Simply put, a credit policy is a set of guidelines that 1) are used to determine which customers are extended credit and billed; 2) set the payment terms for parties to whom credit is extended; 3) define the limits to be set on outstanding credit accounts; and 4) outline the […]

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Damage Restoration and Repair Companies Have Special Mechanics Lien Needs

When a hurricane, tornado, fire or other natural disaster causes property damage, companies like Harbro and Belfor jump to the occassion allocating massive resources and labor forces to help solve these property damage problems. While they are quick to get the damages repaired for property owners, payment to them for services is not as quick. […]

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Another Opinion: How Can Clients Handle Preliminary Notice Compliance?

A couple days ago, Scott posted a query: How Can Clients Handle Notice Compliance?  That post was, in part, geared toward trying to frame the problem of mechanic lien notice compliance as one sub-set of the problems within the legal profession as a whole – and trying to crowd-source ideas on how it can be […]

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Challenges of Subcontractor Expansion And Where Mechanics Lien Law Fits In

We’re at the CFMA 2012 Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida, and there was a great session yesterday titled “The ‘Gotchas’ of Subcontractor Expansion.” This was a great presentation by Lisa Autino of Corbin Electric, Kevin Burnett of the Sundt Companies, and Marjorie Weber of Irontree Construction. Any discussion of subcontractor expansion is very relevant in […]

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How To Secure Your Risk When Shipping Materials On Credit

Zlien is an Associate Member of the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA), and a controller for a material supply company recently posed a question to that organization’s LinkedIn Group, inquiring about how others in the group mitigate their risk when supplying materials on credit. There were 4 or 5 responses to the question, and these […]

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Bad Debt Is Very, Very Expensive For Your Business

What is the true cost of bad debt? In reviewing the CFMA’s (Construction Financial Management Association) LinkedIn Group, I came across this comment: The 2011 CFMA financial survey has gross margins for non-residential contractors at 7.5%. Our jobs are bidding at 3% fees, how does everyone get their gross margins up to 7.5%? The question […]

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3 Things To Ask Your Mechanics Lien Company

Zlien started doing business back in 2007, when there were barely any companies offering mechanic lien and preliminary notice filing services. Since then, a few folks took cues and now claim to offer professional lien and notice services. However, buyers should beware. The mechanics lien and preliminary notice business is not without its complications. Just […]

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The First Month of 2012 Is History – How Do Your Receivables Look?

At the turn of the calendar year, I wrote some blog posts about starting the year off right, including:  (i) 2012 New Year’s Resolution: Protection Your Lien Rights and Stop Losing Money; and (ii) Use Zlien And The Lien Laws To Reduce Your Bad Debt in 2012. Here is the summary:  Preserve your lien rights.  […]

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