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Public Private Partnerships – What’s The Protection?

Public Private Partnerships   Whats The Protection?Public Private Partnership (P3) projects present unique challenges to unpaid parties. Mechanics liens, bond claims, both, or neither may be appropriate.

Public Private Partnerships Generally

What Is a P3 Project?

Public private partnerships are rapidly growing in popularity, and represent a growing segment…

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Puerto Rico Mechanics Lien Rights?

Puerto Rico Mechanics Lien Rights?

Three Ways to Protect Against Non-Payment in Puerto Rico

While security rights are utilized by businesses all over the world, the mechanics lien is a fundamentally American creation. That’s not to…

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Lien Enforcement Deadline Infographic

All mechanics liens expire and are extinguished at some point, but when exactly is that date, and how is it calculated? The infographic below is a quick guide and provides some down-and-dirty info.

Bear in mind, though, that lien enforcement deadlines are strict, strictly determined, and very, very important. While this…

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