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People Would Rather Avoid Your Mechanics Lien

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Disputes arise all the time in construction projects. It is a reality of the business that, while unfortunate, is constantly present. Mechanics liens, although potentially a precursor to an action in court, can actually help avoid litigation and…

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Mechanics Liens Get The Owner’s Attention

Lien and bond claim secrets and myths

Subcontractors and suppliers can be unknown to owners during construction projects unless a problem arises. Typically, they do not report directly to the owner, but when a subcontractor or supplier files a mechanics lien, they certainly…

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Mechanics Liens Get The Lender’s Attention

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Filing a mechanics lien protects against nonpayment and other financial pitfalls. However, when banks or other third-party lenders get involved in a construction project, the situation can become complicated. A mechanics lien gives parties furnishing labor and/or material on the project the…

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Correcting Mechanics Liens with Lien Amendments

Correct ConceptMechanics lien amendments serve to correct, modify, or add information to a previously recorded lien. Very few states have concrete statutory rules when it comes to the applicability or availability of amendments, or the process of modifying a previously recorded lien….

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No License, No Lien, No Recovery? Sometimes.


While mechanics liens can provide valuable protection for parties who furnish labor and/or materials to construction projects, the claimant must qualify to file a valid mechanics lien before the protections can work to his or her benefit. In many states, having a…

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