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Property for Payment: Mechanics Liens Give You Options

Mechanic Liens Give You Options

Sometimes, the financial difficulty of the party with whom you contracted, or even their bankruptcy, can be the reason why you are not receiving payment. In that situation it may seem like nothing can get you paid – if there’s no money left at all, how can you get what’s due to you? That’s not […]

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Mechanics Liens Will Restrict The Jobsite Property: How Liens Work

Property Foreclosure by Mechanics Lien

When unpaid on a construction project, those who furnished labor or materials to the job have the option of filing a mechanics lien claim. These claims can be a very effective remedy for the unpaid contractor or supplier. In fact, according to zlien research, many times liens will get paid quickly (within 90 days) and without any […]

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Pennsylvania Supreme Court Reviewing Mechanics Lien Enforcement Procedure

Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court will determine the fate of a claimant who filed several mechanic’s lien claims and mechanics lien enforcement actions to secure an unpaid debt owed to them after rendering over $2 million dollar in demolition services. With this case, Terra Technical Services, LLC v. River Station, L.P., the court can pave the way […]

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Mechanics Lien Priority Takes a Hit in Arizona

Mechanics liens provide good protection against the risk of non-payment on construction projects. One of the reasons why is that mechanics liens encumber the improved property itself, and generally, have priority over other subsequent encumbrances on the property. This is especially helpful when severe financial distress at the top of the payment chain results in […]

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How Long Does a Mechanics Lien Last? [Infographic]

What happens after you file a lien? We hope you get paid, and that’s generally the case, but it doesn’t always happen. In the few cases when filing a lien does not result in payment, the next step to recover the money owed is generally filing a law suit to enforce your lien. So, how long does […]

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Maine Supreme Judicial Court Gets Sale-Happy

Mechanics liens are powerful instruments to induce payment on construction projects. There are many reasons this is so, but perhaps the most attention grabbing (at least for the owner of the improved property) is that the property may be sold to satisfy the debt. This provides a serious incentive for the property owner to make sure the […]

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Lien Enforcement Deadline Infographic

All mechanics liens expire and are extinguished at some point, but when exactly is that date, and how is it calculated? The infographic below is a quick guide and provides some down-and-dirty info. Bear in mind, though, that lien enforcement deadlines are strict, strictly determined, and very, very important. While this infographic provides a brief […]

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Lien Law Alert: Who to Include in VA Mechanics Lien Enforcement Action

caterpillar digs into analytics

To begin this post, and, really, to make sure everybody is on the same page for all of the articles/posts on The Construction Payment Blog, we need to have a quick vocabulary discussion. Mechanics lien law, and the specific language associated with it, can be daunting, even for people well-versed in the credit and/or construction […]

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Construction Liens: Are There Any Downsides? What Do You Think?


Earlier this month attorney Bill Fig published an article in the Oregon Daily Journal of Commerce titled “The downside of construction liens.”  In it, he argued that industry participants “do not fully understand the ‘foreclosure piece’ of the lien process” and “rely too heavily on the payment protection they perceive a lien provides.” Bill Fig, […]

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